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Conduct candidate interviews and employee appraisals anytime, anywhere. Use our Q‑Works HR & recruitment software for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Q‑Consultation for HR & Recruitment

Integrate Q‑Works with existing software or with your recruitment apps & websites to add powerful HR communication tools.

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Q‑Works conveniently provides a private chat & virtual meeting room where employers can communicate with candidates or employees. The app enables real‑time chat & messaging, voice, video calling, video conferencing, file & screen sharing.

Q‑Works is built on the QuickBlox platform which ensures a high level of security and stability for HR video chat. It can be used as a stand‑alone app or embedded into your existing HR software or website to enable real‑time chat, voice and video calling.

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Why Businesses Benefit from Q‑Works

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Connect organizations with workers in real‑time. Conducts interviews, annual reviews, onboarding sessions and much more with private remote consultations from any location.

QuickBlox save time

Hire amazing talent and keep current employees content with responsive real‑time communication. More intimate than email or texting, voice and video communication builds connection and trust.

QuickBlox save time

Expedite the hiring process with our recruitment software solutions. Avoid the expense of in‑person meetings. Hire people remotely or interview a large number of candidates at the same time.

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Save time and costs while still enjoying the benefits of an SLA. Q‑works is offered as a turnkey CPaaS solution making it ideal recruitment software for small businesses.

QuickBlox Integrate

Integrate Q‑Works into your existing HR software. Rebrand our plugin to fit your company look, embed within your own website or app, and host in your preferred domain.

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Be confident that all conversations remain private and GDPR compliant. Q‑Works is built on a fully secure and encrypted platform and because we host this application within your own cloud infrastructure you—and not any third party— maintain control of all communication and user data shared.

Features of Q‑Works

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QuickBlox access

Flexible Authentication System

Invite candidates/employees to access Q‑Works HR chat software through your preferred method.

  • A separate webpage, button or link embedded on your website
  • Your company’s own website authentication system
  • QuickBlox authentication
  • A link sent by sms

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QuickBlox customizable

Customizable Meeting Room

Hold candidates/employees into a virtual meeting room until you are ready to begin the video, where you can:

  • Collect additional data or conduct a preliminary interview via real‑time chat
  • Request, collect, or share documents like CVs, job description, quizzes, and questionnaires
  • Provide additional information via a video

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QuickBlox video-calling

Feature‑Rich Remote Video Interview

Engage candidates/employees in dynamic video communication. WebRTC technology means reliable high quality video. Features include:

  • Screen‑sharing
  • Switching between chat, voice, and video calling
  • File sharing within the app while in a video conference

QuickBlox recordable
QuickBlox video-record


Our video recruitment software allows you to record each session. The recording can be saved and stored in your own system.

  • Create an audit trail for confidential HR discussions with archived messages & recordings
  • Conveniently share access to video recordings of candidates with prospective employers
QuickBlox waiting-room
QuickBlox user-management

Administrative Tools

Q‑Works is packed with features that help you manage a interview/consultation process

  • Manage the candidate queue in the meeting room by determining priority and assigning candidates to interviewers
  • Access chat history and recorded video session as and when needed
  • Take notes through the session, which can be downloaded at the close of the session in various formats
QuickBlox schedule

  • All information created during the session—including chat history, video recordings, and file share — is retrievable by API
  • Send documents (including PDFs, jpegs, audio and video files) as secure attachments within the app and throughout your session
  • Make and track appointments with the in‑built scheduler

Add real-time communication in your website and apps, keeping companies and candidates engaged without leaving your platform for other services.

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