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Meet Q-Consultation: Solution for Virtual Meetings and Queue Optimization

Gail M.
11 Jan 2023
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This article has been updated since it was last published in 2020

Are you looking for a teleconsultation solution that provides private virtual meeting rooms and the capability to hold a real time customer queue? Do you need instant messaging and high-quality video calling? Are you wanting a solution that can be customized and rebranded, and one that’s built on a powerful, secure, and scalable platform?

If the answer is yes, then you need to meet Q-Consultation, our ready virtual teleconsultation application. Read on to learn more.

What is Q-Consultation?

Q-Consultation has been designed to address any number of business use cases that require a fully-featured virtual meeting or waiting room experience with capabilities for in-app chat, video calling, and file sharing.

Q-Consultation can be customized to meet the specific business needs and branding of your company. It is a web application adaptable to mobile web browsers so that it can work on iOS and Android. It is also built on top of the QuickBlox platform, ensuring that both your backend and frontend will be supported by the same technologies.

Who Needs Q-Consultation?

Q-Consultation is your digital implementation of private interviewing/meeting rooms in real life. It was designed to be as much help as possible for a large number of use cases. Below are some examples:

Telemedicine & Teletherapy: Using Q-Consultation, you can convert your traditional doctor-patient medical consultation into a virtual appointment, helping you to minimize costs, increase accessibility to medical resources, and reduce stress on your medical infrastructure. Your patients will be able to meet with their doctors remotely using a waiting queue.

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Education: As many universities and schools increasingly offer distance learning programs, Q-Consultation offers an easy way to connect teachers with students. Provide 1-on-1 tutorials where teachers can share their screen, send and receive files, and even record the session.

HR & Recruitment: Q-Consultation allows you to remotely hire people for your company no matter where they’re located. The live queue and administrative features means you can interview large numbers of candidates at the same time.

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Customer Support: Use this communication tool to provide personalized customer support for your customer base and to solicit valuable feedback.

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Sales and E-Commerce: Video-calling and private chat rooms offer a dynamic way to conduct product demos and guide potential buyers through a purchase.

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Finance, Banking, Law: For organizations that need to provide professional consultations to clients, who are particularly concerned about data security, and who would likely benefit from video call recording, Q-Consultation is the ideal solution.

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Why Choose Q-Consultation?

Here’s why using Q-Consultation would be better than developing your own solution:

Time: Developing a new virtual room application for iOS, Android, and Web from scratch could take months. Enjoy shorter-time-to-market with our ready to use application.

Cost: Since the process of building your own app would require extensive time and resources, you can be sure of greater cost efficiency using our ready solution, especially if you opt to use Q-Consultation Lite – our free open source code!

Quality: Q-Consultation is built on the top of the QuickBlox platform, which is both scalable and secure. This also means that you can enjoy the features of QuickBlox in your backend.

Security: There’s no need to worry about the safety of customer data and content of communication. Q-Consultation is built on a secure backend which ensures all data is encrypted.

Pricing: We offer several plans to suit a range of budgets.

  • Q-Consultation Lite – our open source code free to run and use on our basic plan. You can also upgrade this plan for a minimal monthly fee if you require a BAA for HIPAA compliance.
  • Q-Consultation Premium – Our enterprise-grade managed service comes with an array of benefits described below.

Customizable: Our application is built to support many possible use cases, but you can also customize the app to meet your specific requirements. You can either modify our free source code yourself, or use of our development team who can also customize the app to meet your specific requirement.

High Performance: Built with the best technology including WebRTC, you can be sure to create a virtual conference room. with high-quality video calling, so users will never be bothered by low latency.

GDPR & HIPAA Compliance: When you use this app with the QuickBlox Platform you can be sure of regulatory compliance. The Quickblox platform and hosting set-up supports GDPR compliance for customers in the EU. We also offer a HIPAA compliant version of Q-Consultation and can provide a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to all customers on a paid plan.

Slick UI: Our app benefits from a well designed, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate user interface.

Flexible hosting: The solution–both the app and the backend platform it plugs into –can be deployed in a variety of environments, depending on your business regulatory requirements, budget, and preference.

Q-Consultation for Enterprises

Q-Consultation has been designed for enterprises in mind. Brimming with communication features and user management tools, our virtual meeting software offers a variety of enterprise-business use cases. To further ensure your enterprise gets exactly what it needs, Q-Consultation Premium comes with several additional benefits.

Additional Features: Q-Consultation Premium comes with some additional features such the ability to send invites for meetings via SMS. You can include others features to your application as add-ons. For example, we offer a versatile scheduling module so that you and your customers can make and track appointments.

Regular Updates: With the premium version you can expect regular updates to the software, with bug fixing and new features added. This will save your organization important time and resources.
Dedicated cloud hosting – Enjoy high performance and more control over your data with dedicated cloud or on-premise hosting, supported by our experienced DevOps team.

Managed service: For our Enterprise customers we offer Q-Consultation as a managed service which means you can expect ongoing support, offered with an SLA, and regular contact with our customer success manager.

Custom Development Services: Our in-house custom dev team can provide an array of small UI modifications included in the pricing. They are also available at cost, should you desire more complex changes including functionality modifications.

HIPAA Compliance: If required for our Healthcare customers, a signed BAA can be provided.

Add-ons and Integration: Extra add-ons can be developed for your use case and 3rd-party integrations are supported by our custom dev team.

Ready to get started?

Q-Consultation provides a powerful virtual meeting services, with modern messaging, video consultation, and virtual rooms. This versatile virtual meeting app can be rebranded and customized. Because it is built on the top of the QuickBlox platform using modern web technologies, you can be sure that you’ll be getting enterprise-ready quality when you start using the software for your own business use cases.

To learn more about the Q-Consultation, or to book a demo, contact a member of our team today.

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