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Q-Municate: A New White-label Messaging App

Hamza Mousa
3 Jul 2020
Q-municate from QuickBlox

We are happy today to launch Q-Municate; A ready white-label messaging app that works on iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

Just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Q-Municate supports most modern communication features between users, such as high-quality audio/video calls, text chats, emojis, groups, file sharing, end-to-end encryption, and much more than that. You can use Q-Municate to create your own internal communication platforms for whatever use case you may think of.

With the QuickBlox platform as your communication backend and Q-Municate as a client, you can immediately deploy your own messenger application for your community of users.

You can opt-in for getting Q-Municate as a managed service from our side, or just as source code for the mentioned platforms (dedicated license).

Why Would You Create your own Messaging Platform?

There could be many reasons why you may want to create your own chat app:

  • Data & Privacy: Perhaps your communications are too sensitive and you don’t want to place your users’ chat history and other audio/video calls in the hands of a 3rd-party. For this, we can deploy Q-Municate to your own cloud (along with QuickBlox) to make sure that all your data is in between your own hands.
  • No 3rd-party constraints: It would be better to build your own messaging app without having to depend on Facebook or WhatsApp services, and having to comply with their terms, or endure their ads and tracking scripts.
  • Specialized Functionality: You may be in need of creating custom functionality in your messaging platform?
  • Branding: If your company or organization is large enough, then it wouldn’t be wise to just use WhatsApp or Facebook. An internal communication platform would be needed.

What are some Possible Use Cases of Q-Municate?

Here are some scenarios where Q-Municate would be helpful:

  1. Healthcare: If you are managing any type of medical institution, then you can use Q-Municate to create an internal communication messaging platform for your stakeholders. You can also possibly create multiple “subnetworks” to isolate them from each other (E.g a network for doctors, and another one for administrative staff).
  2. Banks and corporations: Use Q-Municate as your internal messaging apps between employees.
  3. Government: Since QuickBlox can be deployed to any private cloud (on the enterprise plan), it is now possible to have both the frontend and backend under your local control. Use this combination to deploy Q-Municate as your internal encrypted messaging app for the government staff or other workers.
  4. Education: Connect anyone in the education sector with other related interest groups. You can, for example, create a video call app between teachers and students.
  5. eCommerce: You can start from our given source code to develop a web chat app between your customers and sellers.

The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Q-Municate Instead of Building Your Own Messenger?

Theoretically, you could go with developing your own messenger app. However, take the following points into mind and see why using Q-Municate would be better than doing that:

  1. Don’t spend months and tons of money on starting everything from scratch. Instead, use Q-Municate as a good starting point and then add the missing parts you may need.
  2. Using the ready out-of-the-box apps we are providing would save you a lot in terms of costs compared to developing your own. Creating 3 fully-featured chatting applications on android, iOS, and Web platforms are really costly.
  3. We deliver the application and source code in a few weeks, so you can rapidly start deploying your apps to the iTunes store or Google Play.
  4. If you are using a dedicated enterprise QuickBlox plan, then you can now also own the frontend by purchasing our ready messaging solution. All services can be hosted and work in your own private cloud.
  5. No license restrictions. Once you receive the source code, you can use it for your commercial activity immediately.
  6. We offer flexible pricing options, so you can pay in the form of a subscription model, in monthly installments on a per-user basis, or software license.

If you do the math, you would see that using Q-Municate is a better investment in the long run for your business.

List of Q-Municate Features

  1. High-quality messaging, audio & video communication built on XMPP & WebRTC with P2P video calling.
  2. Simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use mobile apps.
  3. Group messaging support.
  4. Emojis support.
  5. Image/document and other file sharing.
  6. Integrates with your existing user-management system. End users can also register via their mobile phones (SMS) or social networking accounts.
  7. File-sharing, screen-sharing, and push notifications support are included in all apps.
  8. Just like any other messaging app, you can create public/private chats and groups with whoever you want in the network.
  9. Possibility to create many subnetworks for each subset of your users (E.g a network for the doctors in your hospital and another one for IT administrators… And so on). (For enterprise plan customers of QuickBlox).
  10. Security and privacy by design with end-to-end encryption.
  11. HIPAA compliant hosting and support options together with GDPR regulations.
  12. Rebranding and small UI customizations are included in the price.
  13. Localization support (Adding an extra language) is included in the price too.

It is also worthy to note that the QuickBlox team is capable of doing any further customizations or extra functionalities as needed for enterprise customers who are willing to use the software for further levels.

How to Get

We offer two options for using Q-municate:

  • Option 1: a monthly subscription to use ready branded applications for iOS, Android, and Web. No coding required.
  • Option 2: one-off payment to get your ready messenger source code for 1, 2, or all 3 platforms (iOS, Android, Web) provided to you for any customizations.

Contact our technical consultants, and they will help you choose the best option to meet all your requirements.


Q-Municate is a better option for businesses and enterprises wishing to deploy their own internal messaging app instead of having to build their own from scratch. The SaaS and on-premise deployment options along with the flexible payment models allow you to spend your resources in a much mindful manner.

If you have any further questions or comments about Q-Municate, you may reach our team from the following contact form.

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