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Hamza MousaMedical Professional, Developer, & Blogger

Hamza Mousa, a doctor by profession, is a developer turned blogger with a deep-rooted affinity for GNU/Linux. He has a keen interest in software development and an unwavering commitment to problem-solving through coding. Dr. Hamza is a unique writer who seamlessly blends medical expertise with technical know-how. His multi-faced background brings a refreshing perspective to his work.

He has dedicated his expertise to exploring the value of real-time digital communication in the field of healthcare. He has extensively documented his insights in a series of articles, including how to improve patient-doctor communication, the benefits of video consultations, and integrating real-time chat in Hospital EHR systems. Through his blogging platform, Medevel.com, he shares his insights on medical and healthcare-related subjects, while promoting the use of open-source solutions. He has authored diverse articles, including open-source video consultation software and the benefits of employing QuickBlox SDKs and APIs for telemedicine.

As a developer enthusiast, Dr Hamza has written tutorials for fellow developers experimenting with different programming languages. He demonstrates how to build real-time messaging applications using QuickBlox SDKs and frameworks such as Meteor, Ionic, Vue-js, and Cordova.

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