Integrate in-app voice call during the surging demand for audio communication

Anton Dyachenko
28 Aug 2020
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Technological advances and innovations are continually revolutionizing the world, with video chat and real-time text messaging moving the humble phone call to the background as a communication method. Yet, 2020 has brought huge popularity to the audio calls again.

Voice calls have made a comeback in the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the significant shift toward more internet use from home was expected, a huge surge in voice calls was witnessed worldwide. Verizon said it was about 800 million wireless calls a day during the week, more than double the number made on Mother’s Day, historically one of the busiest call days of the year. Verizon added that the length of voice calls was up 33 percent from an average day before the pandemic. AT&T also reported that mobile phone minutes had risen 35 percent and that Wi-Fi-based calls had almost doubled compared to before the outbreak.

What’s bringing about this boost, and what is that supposed to mean for your business?

Benefits of audio communication

When it comes to business relationships, frequent communication is the crucial key to success. Attracting the audience’s attention in an intensely competitive environment is vital for businesses to survive; that’s why communicational tools are essential for marketing and business development teams. One of the most efficient and cost-effective means of communicational technologies is a voice call. The main benefit of audio communication is building more efficient corporate interaction with various voice services, providing relevant, instant, and useful collaboration. Adding a personal and helpful touch to a conversation ensures that your customers or team members feel engaged.

Audio conversations create stronger relationships, encourage smooth communication, allowing everyone to stay connected. It saves time by getting prompt feedback in real-time. Emails do not necessarily involve the receiver to engage with a response. With a single voice call, a message won’t disappear in the never-ending email thread, allowing to provide more fruitful interaction with potential clients or customers.

Audio communication also minimizes the risk of being misunderstood. If you need to follow a series of complicated steps, a simple voice call will explain it all, providing a deeper context. Brief audio calls also promote more scope for developing prospective ideas that leads to a better outcome.

That’s why voice chatting apps have deeply rooted in our everyday life. With technology advancement and high-speed internet connectivity, people can instantly interact with a person with a button click.

For truly significant and meaningful collaboration, it is now to enable voice chat within your system and discover how it can add value for your business communication approach. Integrating audio calling features through in-app voice calls will surely encourage both team members and customers for better engagement with just a click.

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of voice chat apps and how they can benefit almost any business.

  • Cost-Effective
  • This benefit brings value to any business. In-app voice calls significantly reduce the price of domestic and international calls. Unlike traditional phone call solutions, voice chat apps don’t require any expensive equipment or maintenance.

  • Call Features
  • Voice chat apps allow connecting to a wide variety of devices to increase business efficiency. It offers enhancements on standard phone functions such as setting up group calls. Modern voice chat programs usually include other communication services like instant messaging, ID information, contact lists, receiving voicemail. Due to its flexibility and accessible customization, voice chat services can be designed based on the unique needs, growing with your business.

  • Better quality voice calls
  • Voice chat apps offer more clear, smart, with no interference, latency, or drop-outs issues. A mature voice chat app has eminent benefits concerning standard phone services.

  • Call Recording Service
  • Voice chat apps offer recording calls, ensuring that critical messages and ideas aren’t lost. Modern voice chat apps also allow reviewing call logs to define when customers call most often, the duration of calls, and far more essential information.

  • Secure
  • Nowadays, as never before, mobile users indeed appreciate security and privacy. If your users need to connect via voice calls, voice chat apps would be the top-notch solution, offering much more protection than traditional phone services. Advanced voice chat solutions have encryption protocols, ensuring needs and data are securely protected.

Integrate QuickBlox voice calls with our APIs and SDKs

QuickBlox’s voice chats APIs and SDKs allow businesses to enable an effective call experience, quickly accessing all the top-notch voice features, with built-in security to protect chat conversation ongoing in the app entirely. Our voice API and SDK help businesses to speed up time-to-market value with less time consumption.

QuickBlox’s voice chats APIs and SDKs can be customized according to business communication needs. Our tools and infrastructure are easy and quick to implement on cross-platforms. With our simple and powerful API and SDK service, you can get in-app voice calls seamlessly integrated into a user interface, a beneficial option for developing your voice chat app. QuickBlox solutions also enable your mobile app to add all the voice features such as conferencing, recording, and many more, enhancing the collaboration between the users.


Any business concerned about efficient and cost-effective solutions for communicational needs realizes that voice chat apps are the best choice to provide competitive technology advantages in modern internet-driven society. Here at QuickBlox, our voice chat APIs and SDKs offer the perfect opportunity for business owners to improve their company’s interactions, save on infrastructure expenses, and run customer communications. We provide solutions to scale up or build a voice chat that delivers real-time communication across platforms, allowing your business to keep market power.

If you’re ready to discover more of what benefits can bring in-app voice calls to your business, don’t miss our powerful APIs and SDKs.

Contact us to discuss the details.

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