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What applications can you build with QuickBlox?

Hamza Mousa
5 Apr 2021
What applications you can build with QuickBlox

Communication is vital in the enterprise business environment. The last decade has seen a rapid increase in the range and availability of communication solutions, which are more significant now than ever before as the COVID-19 pandemic heightens our need for remote working.

Messaging solutions for enterprises ease communications between enterprise departments and employees, and employees and customers. Better communication means enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, and improved quality of work.

However, communication solutions are generally sold as complete independent solutions which are often hard to integrate with other enterprise workflows and difficult to implement with other solutions.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions are trending to provide a suitable flexible customizable infrastructure that plays well with enterprise infrastructure and workflows, and CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is no exception.

QuickBlox is the CPaaS Swissknife for enterprise

QuickBlox is a communication platform as a service (CPaaS) that eases the building of custom communication apps for enterprises. It comes packed with features like instant messaging, HD video calling, high-quality audio calls, file sharing and push notifications.

Unlike many other platforms, QuickBlox is primarily focused on app integrations and workflow implementations which save enterprises a huge deal of time and cost, thus promoting more productive outcomes.

QuickBlox helps companies by replacing more limited traditional communication systems, like pagers for hospitals, with more interactive real-time communication tools. By cutting costs, and solving real communication problems, QuickBlox can significantly increase productivity and outcome for enterprises.

In this article, we explore the types of applications you can build with QuickBlox development tools (SDKs) and API, providing developers and technical managers with a clear understanding of how they can use QuickBlox and what they can build with it.

Types of applications you can build with QuickBlox

Types of applications you can build with QuickBlox

In an enterprise environment, clear and easy communication among work colleagues is a must; they need to collaborate on projects, share information, assign tasks, feedback, inform and report, and follow up on assignments.

The need for an effective internal messaging system is even greater today due to the global COVID-19 crisis which has forced countless businesses to operate remotely. For those companies without an internal remote communication system already in place, adjusting to new conditions has proved challenging. Incorporating a new communication solution can prove costly and time-consuming as it often requires to be customized to match the existing productivity tools already used by the company.

QuickBlox can help enterprises build a solid customizable communication infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with their internal system and enterprise software. It offers a centralized messaging and file-sharing system that can create any communication app locally required by the enterprises. QuickBlox apps can also scale easily.

Customer engagement applications

Using QuickBlox software development kits, developers can build rich messaging applications that enrich customer’s experience and satisfaction.

QuickBlox API can be used to create chatbots (explained later), a custom chat widget that can be integrated into the enterprise website, customized customer service applications, or even with the current working CRM system.

Excellent customer engagement enhances the customer’s experience and subsequently their customer loyalty and retention.

Video conferencing and video calling applications

Video calling and video conferencing tools are essential for remote meetings and jobs in different sectors. They are used in conducting business deals, doctor-patient consultations, employee meetings, job interviews, remote education, and more.

QuickBlox offers a full-HD video quality for video calling and conferencing without latency. It can be used to create apps for general or specific purposes, like virtual-room simulating apps that can be used for healthcare and HR-related communications which require a high degree of privacy.

File and content sharing for teams and customers

Work colleagues require a suitable private platform to share their work-related files and documents securely. File sharing and collaborative file exchanges are used extensively in media, legal, finance, healthcare sectors as well as NGOs.

The file-sharing feature is offered as a part of the QuickBlox communication infrastructure for the enterprise. This functionality works smoothly either being integrated into the enterprise app or used in a custom-developed QuickBlox app.

Project management apps

While managing a project, many project managers tend to keep their project-specific messages streamline and parallel to their progress. Many solutions mix communication/ messaging with project messaging. Furthermore, they are not easy to customize or fixable to integrate.

These limitations are not the case with QuickBlox, which is designed to build upon and integrate with, rather than overtake other productive workflows. QuickBlox can integrate with many enterprise project management solutions (PMs), It can extend its functionalities with real-time messaging, reporting, file-sharing, and instant push notification.

Alerting and notification apps

Alerting and notification applications are a significant part of real-time reporting. Push notification is another functionality of QuickBlox which works seamlessly with mobile devices like Android and iOS phones. Instant notifications can help managers and users respond quickly to significant events.

These apps are required in healthcare, crisis management, large-scale construction projects, NGOs, and more.

AI chatbots

Chatbots are automated messaging programs built to connect and initiate automated tasks. Many enterprises deploy chatbots to assist their customers through different messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other apps.

Smart AI-powered APIs are used to enable real-time smart responses to customer messages and guide them through the steps via a support process.

Developers can use QuickBlox with a smart AI-powered chatbot API to build chatbots on QuickBlox-based apps or other messaging apps to keep an archive of the chatbot messages.

Using AI-chatbots makes the personalized experience more relevant, which is possible with QuickBlox API as it integrates smoothly and works very well with contextual artificial intelligence APIs.

Enterprise workflow applications integration

Enterprises use a good deal of software to ease their different workflow paradigms, including ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), DMS (Document Management Systems), and PMS (Project Management Systems).

Integrating QuickBlox functionalities with enterprise applications in the form of plugins or extensions extends the application with real-time messaging and file-sharing functionalities.

Custom mobile messaging and communication app

QuickBlox has a rich list of mobile-focused software development kits (SDKs) which includes: native iOS/ Android development SDKs, React-native, Flutter, and JavaScript SDK for hybrid applications.

Personalization is a success factor for today’s business. Whether the end-users are customers, enterprise employees, or third-party employees, the personalized experience increases loyalty, eases the support and engagement process and improves end-user experience.

Privacy-aware apps (Privacy-by-Design)

Formal regulations (like HIPAA and GDPR) enforce many measures and restrictions to protect user privacy, which developers need to consider while app building. QuickBlox has a proven record of supporting privacy-aware applications for enterprises in the healthcare and legal sectors.

One of the most important features that QuickBlox offers is the ability to disable the chat, messaging, and call history from being recorded or saved at the server.


There are many applications you can build with QuickBlox either by using the REST-API or any of the offered messaging SDKs. We demonstrated here how fixable QuickBlox can be for enterprise needs. QuickBlox is not just a cost-effective solution but it’s also a development-wise option that helps enterprises map their custom requirements and workflows and build their communication infrastructure and ecosystem.

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