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From Formal to Friendly: Unveiling AI Rephrase for your Chat Apps

Artem Koltunov
14 Sep 2023
chat screen showing AI Rephrase functionality

Communication is an art, an intricate dance of words that reflects our intentions, emotions, and relationships. As the digital world connects us in unprecedented ways, the nuances of communication become even more essential. We often find ourselves needing to adapt our tone, style, and approach to match the situation or the individual we are engaging with. Recognizing the significance of fluid and effective communication, QuickBlox proudly introduces an AI tone generator tool that effortlessly transforms conversation dynamics within your chat apps. With the launch of AI Rephrase, the boundaries between formal and friendly language dissolve, providing users with a seamless means to tailor their messages according to context and audience. Prepare to embark on a journey where your words resonate with precision and authenticity – from formal to friendly, QuickBlox has got your communication covered.

In the following we will tell you about the exciting new AI powered conversation tool we’ve added to elevate your chat applications.

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Why AI Rephrase?

AI Rephrase is a powerful tool that can bring significant value to various applications and scenarios. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider using AI Rephrase:

Real-time Message Clarification: AI Rephrase can assist users by suggesting clearer and more concise ways to express themselves during conversations. This reduces ambiguity and minimizes the chances of misunderstandings.

Enhanced Conversation Flow: AI Rephrase helps maintain natural conversational flow by offering alternative phrasings that fit within the context of the ongoing chat. This keeps the conversation engaging and fluent, even when users face language or communication barriers.

Faster Responses: AI Rephrase can expedite conversations by quickly suggesting alternative phrasings. Users can save time while still effectively conveying their intended messages.

Inclusive Communication: AI Rephrase makes chat apps more inclusive by assisting users who might struggle with language barriers, have varying language proficiencies, or require additional support for effective communication.

Polished and Professional Conversations: In the context of business chat apps and customer support, AI Rephrase ensures that interactions maintain a professional tone and quality, fostering trust and credibility.

Light-hearted Fun and Expressiveness: AI Rephrase introduces an element of playfulness and expressiveness to chat messaging apps. Users can experiment with tones like “poetic,” “ironic,” or “sarcastic” to inject humor, creativity, or a touch of drama into their conversations.

User Engagement and Retention: Integrating AI Rephrase sets your chat app apart from competitors, attracting and retaining users who seek advanced and user-friendly features in their messaging applications.

In essence, AI Rephrase is a versatile tool in chat messaging apps that enhances the quality of communication, improves user experience, and enables inclusive, efficient, and personalized interactions. Whether it’s aiding users in finding the right words, or ensuring professional communication in business settings, AI Rephrase can be a game-changer for chat apps looking to provide exceptional messaging experiences.

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Tailored for every Use Case

The following section provides a brief overview of the key characteristics and objectives of each tone. Employing AI Rephrase to tailor messages to these tones can amplify the efficiency and influence of communication.

Professional Tone: Formal, polished, and respectful communication suitable for business and official contexts.

Friendly Tone: Warm, approachable, and informal language that creates a sense of camaraderie and ease.

Encouraging Tone: Supportive and motivating language that uplifts and inspires the recipient to take positive action.

Empathetic Tone: Compassionate and understanding communication that acknowledges emotions and demonstrates genuine concern.

Neutral Tone: Impartial and unbiased language that presents information objectively without emotional influence.

Instructive Tone: Clear and informative communication that provides step-by-step guidance and directions.

Assertive Tone: Confident and self-assured language that conveys opinions and demands with conviction.

Sarcastic/Ironic Tone: Humorous or mocking language that conveys a contrary meaning to the literal words used.

Persuasive Tone: Convincing language that aims to influence opinions or actions by presenting compelling arguments.

Poetic Tone: Expressive and artistic language that often uses metaphors and imagery to create a vivid emotional experience.

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How Does it Work?

It’s easy to implement and use this feature. We offer AI Rephrase as a standalone library that can be integrated into your application. Or you can build an AI-enhanced chat app with QuickBlox UI kits. Available for each platform, our UI kits have already been installed with this cutting edge technology.

To rephrase any chat messages, all you need to do is:

  1. Write your message
  2. Scroll along the slider and select a tone. (in the web version we have a special icon and drop-down menu)
  3. chat screen 1 showing AI Rephrase functionality

  4. Wait a few seconds while OpenAI GPT works its magic.
  5. chat screen 2 and 3 showing AI Rephrase functionality

  6. Don’t like what you get? No problem. Try a different tone, or revert back to the original.
  7. You also have the option to make any final edits yourself.
  8. chat screen 4 and 5 showing AI Rephrase functionality

  9. Once you’re happy with the message, hit send.

Chat screen showing AI Rephrase feature

Ready to get started?

Use our easy-to-follow implementation guides so that you can add AI Translate to your web and mobile apps today.

AI Rephrase Implementation Guide for iOS Apps
AI Rephrase Implementation Guide for Android Apps
AI Rephrase Implementation Guide for React Apps

Unlocking the Future of Communication

The AI Rephrase feature from QuickBlox represents a leap forward in the realm of communication tools. Its application span across industries, revolutionizing the way we express ourselves and connect with others. By seamlessly adapting to various tones and styles, AI Rephrase empowers users to communicate effectively in any context.

With QuickBlox’s commitment to innovation, AI Rephrase is set to redefine how we engage with our audience. It’s time to embrace a new era of communication that’s tailor-made for your intent and audience. Learn more about QuickBlox’s AI Rephrase feature and revolutionize your communication today.

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