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Enabling Multilingual Communication for your Chat Apps with AI Translate

Andriy Avryata
30 Aug 2023
AI translate feature for chat apps

In today’s interconnected world, communication knows no boundaries. As businesses, friendships, and collaborations span across diverse cultures and languages, the need for seamless multilingual interaction becomes paramount. Enter the era of AI Translate – an innovative technology recently integrated into the QuickBlox UI kits. This exciting new feature not only enables your chat apps to transcend language barriers effortlessly, but also offers a user-friendly integration solution for developers working with React, iOS, or Android platforms.

In this blog, we delve into how AI Translate, now seamlessly integrated into QuickBlox’s UI kits, or available as independent libraries, can enhance communication by enabling real-time AI-powered language translation, fostering a global dialogue like never before.

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What is AI Translate?

AI Translate leverages the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly convert text from one language to another in real time. Powered by OpenAI GPT, AI Translate allow apps users to effortlessly and accurately translate a chat message to other language in real time, within the chat app.

Let’s look more closely at how this feature actually works:

  • You receive a message in a foreign language.
  • Simply click on “Show translation” underneath the chat message.
  • AI Translate screen 1

  • The message will be automatically translated according to your default setting– which in this case in English.
  • AI Translate Chat Screen

  • The default language can be modified – we’ll show you how later in the tutorial.
  • If you want to revert back to the original message, just click on “Show original”
  • AI Translate facilitates translation into multiple languages. To translate into another language, click on the language icon next to the “Show translation” message.
  • AL Translate Chat Screen

  • Choose a translation language from the drop-down menu that will appear (You are able to configure this menu selection according to your preferences).

AI Translate Chat Screen

Why your App needs AI Translate

Real-Time Translation: AI Translate provides instant and accurate translations directly within the chat interface. This allows users to communicate in their preferred language without interruptions.

Multi-Language Support: That feature can work with a wide spectrum of languages, enabling users with diverse linguistic preferences to communicate effectively. This feature promotes inclusivity and global communication.

AI Translate for every use case

AI Translate offers a versatile solution that can be applied across a wide range of use cases, enhancing communication and bridging language gaps in various scenarios. Whether you’re a business expanding into global markets or an individual seeking to connect with people from different cultures, AI Translate has you covered. Here are just a few examples of how AI Translate can be used:

Business Expansion: For companies venturing into international markets, AI Translate facilitates seamless communication with customers, partners, and stakeholders who speak different languages. This opens up new opportunities for global collaboration and growth.

Multilingual Customer Support: Businesses can provide efficient and effective customer support in multiple languages. AI Translate ensures that customer inquiries and concerns are accurately understood and responded to, fostering better relationships and customer satisfaction.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Collaborative projects involving team members from various regions benefit from AI Translate. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, regardless of their native languages, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Education and E-Learning: Language is no longer a barrier in the realm of education. AI Translate enables educators to deliver content to a diverse student base, making educational resources accessible to learners from around the world.

Travel and Hospitality: Tourists and travelers can use AI Translate to bridge the communication gap when exploring new destinations. It helps them navigate foreign environments, interact with locals, and fully immerse themselves in new cultures.

Personal Communication: Individuals can connect with friends, family, and acquaintances who speak different languages, allowing for more meaningful and inclusive conversations, even if language skills are limited.

Language Learning: Language learners can receive instant translations and understand context, aiding in their language acquisition journey. AI Translate acts as a helpful companion, offering real-time assistance.

The adaptability of AI Translate makes it an indispensable tool across industries, enabling effective communication and fostering connections on a global scale.

Ready to get started?

Use our easy-to-follow implementation guides so that you can add AI Translate to your web and mobile apps today.

AI Translate Implementation Guide for iOS
AI Translate Implementation Guide for Android
AI Translate Implementation Guide for React

Wrapping up

QuickBlox recognizes that the true potential of AI lies in its accessibility to innovators and creators like you. That’s why we’ve integrated AI Translate into our UI kits for React, iOS, and Android, offering you a seamless and user-friendly pathway to infuse your chat apps with this groundbreaking capability. We understand that the journey from idea to implementation can be daunting, but with QuickBlox, it’s a seamless and simplified process.

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