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QuickBlox Year-End recap and 2021 preview

Anton Dyachenko
5 Jan 2021
QuickBlox New Year recap

Happy Holidays!

The QuickBlox Team sends you best wishes for the Holiday season. We hope this message finds you well in these challenging times.

2020 was undoubtedly a year of change and turmoil for us all. One aspect Covid-19 highlighted was the vital importance of communication software. If online chat and video calling, virtual meet-ups, distance learning, remote work, and teleconsultation were already becoming part of modern life, the pandemic accelerated these trends, ensuring that they are here to stay.

We at QuickBlox did our best to adapt to the health crisis, guaranteeing that our Chat API and video calling APIs remained uninterrupted. We developed new communication solutions to meet increasing global demand, especially in healthcare and education. We want to thank you for your business and support throughout the year!

Please find below a summary of our 2020 achievements and plans for 2021.

Releases and updates of 2020

New Website and Blogs

  • We revamped our website to improve user experience, site navigation, and information for our users.
  • We released additional case studies, blogs, and implementation guides for your apps and websites.

New Products

Q-Consultation released:

  • Early this year, we were proud to introduce Q-Consultation – a web chat app with ready video consultation, file sharing, & a virtual waiting room powered by QuickBlox’s messaging SDK.
  • Q-Consultation is designed to be customizable and embedded in your existing websites and applications and compatible with our chat API for services like video calling & chat.
  • Q-Consultation provides a solution for your telehealth and teleconsultation use case.
  • Q-Consultation with a ready scheduler to be released soon!

Video Calling & Chat SDK Updates

  • Added server-side call recording feature. The recordings will be saved to your storage (e.g. S3 or Azure Storage).
  • We improved video conference sdk horizontal scaling.
  • We added video streaming support via the QuickBlox conference server.
  • Please check out the Swift video conference streaming samples for implementation examples (additional cross-platform samples will be released shortly).
  • We provided new options for software deployment: In addition to the QuickBlox cloud, your video conferencing can be hosted in your virtual machines at AWS, GCP, Azure, AliCloud, Digital Ocean, or on-premise for all your enterprise chat needs.
  • We released new React Native Video Calling samples.
  • Added new Stun-Turn infrastructure more servers in the US & globally.
  • Improved service monitoring.
  • Refactored & improved chat samples with unique design & new features.
  • New updates for our iOS chat and android chat SDKs.

Plans for 2021

We hope for a better 2021 for all, and QuickBlox continues to invest in our people and products to empower our customers to make the most of the world’s expanding communication needs.

Security of your communication and integration with your existing business is fundamental, so we add additional ways to integrate your apps and websites with our software.

2021 updates will include:

  • Additional Server APIs and Webhooks
  • Role management of users, organizations, and invitations
  • Additional Security & On-Premise deployment options for QuickBlox

We will work more closely with all of our customers in healthcare, eCommerce, banking and finance, and education to provide solutions for their specific needs and easy integration use cases. We encourage you to get in touch to see how we can assist.

We’re added additional team members in Europe, the UK, India, and the US to help deliver your communication needs.

We welcome business questions about how our video calling and chat as a service product can improve your customer engagement, add great features, and drive new business opportunities in a remote world.

Our solutions engineers are also available to help those more technically-minded readers with integration queries about the ChatAPI, Android Chat SDK, Flutter SDK, or whatever technology stack or framework you are using.

Contact us and our team will answer all your questions.

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