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AI Chat Widgets: the easy way to add AI to your web chat app

Artem Koltunov
5 Jul 2023
AI Chat Widget

Coming soon from QuickBlox……

Integrating artificial intelligence into your app can be a game-changer. QuickBlox AI chat widgets offer a comprehensive solution that combines seamless user experience with cutting-edge AI capabilities, revolutionizing the way people connect, collaborate, and communicate. QuickBlox widgets are a new feature of the QuickBlox Chat UI Kits. These widgets serve as a valuable time-saving tool for developers, enabling them to seamlessly integrate chat and video calling apps with new AI functionality. By leveraging QuickBlox UI Kit widgets, developers can unlock a host of benefits that streamline the integration process and enhance the overall user experience.

Get ready to take your chat and video call apps to the next level!

Chat UI Kits to Expedite App Development

The QuickBlox UI Kit is a development tool that facilitates the creation of chats for various use cases. Soon we’ll be adding components for video chat as well. Whether you’re building a chat app for healthcare, social networking, ecommerce or something else, our UI Kits (currently available for Android, iOS and React) provides developers with ready-made chat interface components that can be easily integrated into any project. The UI Kit includes ready-made chat elements (chat header, chat message) that not only have a visual appearance (View) but also encompass all the standard logic, making the process of creating interactive chats and video calls easier.

AI Chat Widgets for easy Integration

In the upcoming versions of the QuickBlox UI Kit, an exciting new widget feature will be added that will enable developers to easily integrate AI functionality into their chat applications.

Widgets provide ready-made components that can be easily integrated into applications and used for various tasks. They provide developers with convenient ways to add cutting edge capabilities to ordinary chats and video calls such as speech recognition, automatic translation, smart responses, transcription, chat summaries, and other powerful features such as chatbot widgets and conversational AI widgets.

For example, using the speech recognition widget, users can record voice messages that are automatically converted into text format. The automatic translation widget allows for translating messages into different languages, facilitating communication in multiple languages.

Watch this space to learn more about which widgets QuickBlox will be releasing first.

Customizing Widget Appearance

Developers will be able to modify the visual appearance of QuickBlox widgets according to their project requirements or user preferences. This will allow them to create unique and appealing chats with integrated AI functionality. Customizing the appearance of widgets gives developers full control over the application’s design, ensuring its alignment with the brand and project’s aesthetics.

Accessing Services and Websites with Widgets

Widgets in the UI Kit will allow developers to invoke their own code and interact with ChatGPT or other services and websites. This opens up broad possibilities for using and extending the functionality of the UI Kit. Developers can create custom widget functions using information from chat components. Thus, the UI Kit becomes a flexible tool that enables interaction with various services and websites, enhancing application functionality and capabilities.

Why Developers Need Widgets

The QuickBlox UI Kit with widgets will provide developers with a powerful toolset for working with Al. Developers will be able to easily integrate AI functionality into the UI Kit. The flexible interaction with chat elements and the ability to extract data from them and extend the functionality of the UI Kit offer broad possibilities for developers. They can create custom widget functions using information from chat components, thus adapting the UI Kit to their projects and requirements.

If you are in any doubt about whether to use QuickBlox AI Widgets with their Chat UI Kits, let’s summarize the key benefits here:

  1. Enable the addition of AI functionality, such as speech recognition, automatic translation, and more to ordinary applications, resulting in more efficient and user-friendly interactions.
  2. Offer cross-platform compatibility
  3. Can be customized so that developers can modify their appearance to suite the overlook look of their app
  4. Allow developers to interact with other services and websites.

Wrapping Up

The UI Kit with widgets open up new horizons for developers by providing powerful tools harnessing the power of AI in chats and video calls. For experienced web developers seeking a suitable tool for creating chats and video calls for various use cases including business, healthcare, or education, the QuickBlox UI Kit with widgets is an ideal choice. Stayed tuned for further updates when these widgets will be released, or contact us now to register your interest.

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