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5 benefits of a custom corporate messenger

Anton Dyachenko
5 Mar 2020
QuickBlox corporate messenger

Corporate messenger is the easiest and cheapest way to establish communication between employees. It streamlines the communication and allows us to share the files and keep the team members updated on the company news. It is a necessary solution for large organizations and companies with remote workers.

5 major benefits of an instant messenger for business

The enterprise message apps empower team members with quick and private communication. Businesses use the solution to add efficiency in workplace communication and reduce interferences. Let’s find out the main benefits of business messaging software and why it is worth building a custom chat software solution.

Dynamic Collaboration

All-in-one enterprise instant messengers ensure the team members are in the same workplace despite operating from different locations. Employees can send and reply instant messages in real-time, being connected with one another. Also, an enterprise instant messaging solution is a convenient way to inform colleagues about important updates.

The modern corporate instant messaging app can combine many office communication functions in one place: screen sharing, co-browsing, or a virtual whiteboard. They make it easier to access all the information in one place and save a lot of time and energy.

Also, all communication is recorded for future reference. They provide interactive help and deliver live conversations at scale. They also get along well with other business tools for project management, web analytics and more.

Customization options

Using a public communication solution, such as Slack or Skype, you get limited functionality. You can’t add more functions, remove the unnecessary ones or change the way they work. With a custom tool, you can adapt the interface and functionality to the specific needs. You can also design the chat app in a corporate style with the use of your logo and specific colors.

Focused Discussion

Employees and departments have different tasks and responsibilities. The chat rooms and channels will help you to organize the work of the different teams and departments.

Chat rooms provide an efficient and streamlined solution for internal communication and collaboration needs. This helps the people from different departments to discuss and contribute in real-time.

At the channel, only the administrators can post the messages. This is a convenient way to inform colleagues about news, events, releases, updates, etc. Both the content of the chat room and channel can be saved for future reference.

Instant asynchronous communication for routine matters

Text messaging allows us to get a quick response but doesn’t break the workflow. It is a faster way of communication than email, but less intrusive than a phone or Skype call. According to Viber stats, 95% of text messages are read within three minutes after sending it.

This helps us to stay focused on work and facilitates the communication of both inhouse and remote team members.

Security and confidentiality

A secure enterprise message application allows the organization to create and control their private messaging networks. A company can configure a multi-level access system. It assigns permissions of the employees according to their positions, departments, and management level. For QuickBlox the security of our clients is crucial, so we implement the latest security practices. We focus on keeping your privacy intact by launching end-to-end encryption features. End-to-end encryption means your service provider can’t view the messages you send on their servers, only the team members will have access to message history.

How to build an enterprise messenger using QuickBlox solutions

For the companies, the QuickBlox team offers sets of ready-made tools for building a convenient and functional enterprise message app. With QuickBlox React Native SDK and QuickBlox Flutter SDK, you can implement real-time chat, video chat, and push notification functionality to your app. Integrating a messaging SDK into your enterprise messenger significantly enhancing its overall effectiveness.

To ensure proper data protection, we use the most advanced security mechanisms. We use reliable providers for hosting our infrastructure and encrypt your data to protect it from the compromising. For our Enterprise customers, we can fully customize the infrastructure according to their needs and international security requirements, like HIPAA and GDPR. You will have full control over your data and our team will provide you with the technical support under SLA.

QuickBlox SiteOps team will assist you with the integration, security and scalability requirements. You will have your own account manager supporting you across all aspects of the QuickBlox backend platform, its updates, maintenance, as well as its integration with your applications.


It is already difficult to imagine a workflow without project chats and video conferencing. QuickBlox offers all the tools to create an enterprise instant messenger. It will ensure communication and project collaboration, that will be useful both for the remote and in-house team. Contact our team to get started with your corporate chat software.

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