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HIPAA Compliant Chat Services & AI Assistant

Suitable for people looking to build HIPAA compliant chat functionality and integrate HIPAA compliant AI Assistants.

Includes SDKs, APIs, Chat UI Kits, and HIPAA compliant SmartChat Assistant. Start Building

HIPAA Compliant AI Assistant

Suitable for people looking to integrate HIPAA compliant AI Assistants with their applications or websites.

Includes HIPAA compliant SmartChat Assistant only. Coming Soon*

Leveraging the Power of AI for Healthcare

Imagine having a trusted assistant available to provide 24/7 support to medical staff

HIPAA Compliant AI ChatBot QuickBlox
  • Accurate & Fast Responses: Access information and formulate professional responses quickly.
  • Personalized Care: Provide contextually relevant answers that meet the specific needs of your patient.
  • Administrative Co-Pilot: Relegate repetitive, mundane tasks to your HIPAA compliant co-pilot so you can concentrate on what matters most.

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Your patient’s privacy matters, that’s why our healthcare chatbot is HIPAA compliant.

  • SmartChat Assistant is offered with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • No data is shared with OpenAI
  • QuickBlox software & platform is fully encrypted
  • Our solution can be deployed on a dedicated server with an extra security layer
  • Control your data and where your data is stored
HIPAA Compliant AI ChatBot QuickBlox

Craft a HIPAA Chatbot Trained on Your Own Data Source

QuickBlox's SmartChat Assistants can seamlessly integrate with your organization's knowledge base including company website and PDFs.

HIPAA Compliant AI ChatBot QuickBlox
  • Train your chatbot to become healthcare expert.
  • Offer precise and relevant information based on your practice's data.
  • Reduce the time spent searching for information.
  • Provide a time-saving onboarding tool for new medical staff.
  • Ensure your patients can enjoy 24/7 support.
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Why Choose HIPAA SmartChat Assistant

When you choose QuickBlox, you're selecting a solution that combines cutting-edge AI technology with a deep understanding of the unique challenges in healthcare.

HIPAA Compliant QuickBlox

HIPAA Compliant

Rest assured that your patients' data is secure and confidential.

Trainable QuickBlox


Equip your AI chatbot with your own knowledge base so that it can become your own local expert.

Easy-to-Integrate QuickBlox


Intuitive dashboard and widget make it a breeze to embed into your healthcare app.

Looking for a HIPAA compliant AI chatbot with additional communication features like video calling or instant messaging?

Join the AI Revolution

The future of communication is here, and Quickblox AI solutions are at the forefront helping to reshape the way we connect, engage, and collaborate.

It’s time to unleash the potential of AI in your communication landscape. Elevate your conversations today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does QuickBlox secure patient data with its AI-powered Chatbots?

QuickBlox secures patient data with AI-powered Chatbots through full encryption of its software and platform. Users have control over data storage, and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is provided for compliance. Enterprises can opt for additional security services, including a dedicated server.

What sets QuickBlox’s AI-powered Chatbots apart in healthcare?

The QuickBlox no-code dashboard allows you to create, train, and integrate your personalized knowledge bots directly into chat applications. Unlike other AI-powered Chatbot, the QuickBlox smartchat assistant can be trained on your own local data source making it a local expert for your specific use case. Furthermore QuickBlox’s healthcare chatbot is HIPAA compliant, so you can be sure patient data remains protected and private.

Can I request a demo to see QuickBlox’s AI Healthcare Chat Solutions in action?

Yes, it’s easy to request a demo. Just send us some details here.

Is the Healthcare Chatbot customizable to specific healthcare needs?

Absolutely, the Healthcare Chatbot is highly customizable to meet specific healthcare needs. Users have the flexibility to modify the bot’s profile, including its name, avatar, and speech style, tailoring it to their preferences. Additionally, the Chatbot can be trained with a personalized dataset, incorporating company PDFs and URLs. This enables the bot to function as a local expert for your clinical practice or health issue, providing a tailored and insightful user experience.

How does the AI technology in the chatbot contribute to healthcare outcomes?

The AI technology in our chatbot contributes to positive healthcare outcomes by streamlining efficiency and accuracy. The chatbot leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to user inquiries effectively. This capability streamlines communication, reduces response times, and ensures accurate information dissemination. Moreover, the AI-driven chatbot can assist healthcare professionals by automating routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex and critical aspects of patient care. Through continuous learning, the chatbot adapts to evolving healthcare trends, staying updated with the latest information and best practices.

Is the Healthcare Chatbot secure and compliant with healthcare regulations?

Yes, our Healthcare chatbot is secure and has been configured so that it can be used in a HIPAA compliant way. We can also provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to our Healthcare customers.

How can healthcare organizations integrate the QuickBlox Healthcare Chatbot into their systems?

Healthcare organizations can seamlessly integrate the QuickBlox Healthcare Chatbot into their systems through our user-friendly, no-code dashboard. The process is incredibly efficient, taking only a few minutes to create and integrate a customized healthcare chatbot tailored to their specific needs. We provide extensive documentation and step-by-step guides to facilitate a smooth setup and usage experience.

What support and resources does QuickBlox offer for Healthcare Chatbot users?

We prioritize simplicity and accessibility, providing extensive documentation, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides to facilitate a smooth setup and usage experience. Our level of one-to-one support depends on which type of plan you subscribe to, with Enterprise customers enjoying a fully managed service. All customers are invited to join our developer discord community.

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