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QuickBlox Releases HIPAA-Compliant Chatbots With OpenAI BAA

Quickblox, a leading AI-powered communication platforms provider, announces the launch of its OpenAI-approved HIPAA-compliant chatbot to streamline communication safely in the healthcare industry.

27 Mar 2024
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QuickBlox launches its SmartChat AI Assistant

Developers will be able to integrate it into their applications and chatbots without the need for code, which will improve the consumer experience with ‘AI companions’.

5 Dec 2023
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QuickBlox Revolutionizes CPaaS With Launch of AI SmartChat Assistant

QuickBlox’s latest innovation, SmartChat Assistant, promises to disrupt the CPaaS landscape by introducing cutting-edge, no-code-required chatbot integration.

4 Dec 2023
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QuickBlox Revolutionizes CPaaS With AI SmartChat Assistant

The communications leader completes the consumer experience with on-the-go AI companions, taking the leg work out for developers with its no-code integration.

4 Dec 2023
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New Project will Integrate AI into Real-Time Communication Apps

New AI-enabling Quick-Bot tools that enable developers to add conversational AI into real-time messaging and video chat apps will be launched this summer.

24 May 2023
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Europe Voice Chat API Market

QuickBlox named as “key player” in 2023 “Voice Chat API” market which is set to surge significantly between 2023-2030.

4 Apr 2023
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Backend as a Service Market Report

QuickBlox named as a “key player” in 2023 market report on backend-as-a-service.

13 Mar 2023
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QuickBlox Offering to Make Video Teleconsultation Software Accessible to All

Yahoo releases details about QuickBlox’s new open-source software, Q-Consultation.

7 Mar 2023
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QuickBlox introduces Q-Consultation Lite

Q-Consultation Lite enables developers to integrate a virtual meeting room plugin with existing platforms and websites, including electronic health record systems.

7 Mar 2023

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