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How QuickBlox Is Poised To Capitalize From The $45 Billion CPaaS Market

An interview with QuickBlox CEO, Nate Macleitch on where QuickBlox is heading.

21 Apr 2023
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15 European Startups working to build a Stronger Economy

Find out why QuickBlox has been highlighted as a key startup in Europe.

23 Mar 2023
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ChatGPT reemplazar√° a los chatbots?

QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch, comments on the promise of combining ChatGPT, chatbots, and real-time communication apps.

21 Mar 2023
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The Future of Communication Technology

Nate Macleitch of Quickblox, on How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up How We Connect and Communicate With Each Other.

20 Mar 2023
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The Best Video Calling APIs: Features and Benefits

QuickBlox highlighted as “an easy-to-use communication platform that helps you stay connected with high quality video and audio.”

21 Feb 2023
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Interview with Nate MacLeitch, CEO and Founder of QuickBlox

SafetyDetectives spoke with Nate MacLeitch, founder and CEO of QuickBlox, about his motivation to start a company focused on digital communication and some of the security protocols they use.

18 Dec 2022
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Free and Open Source TeleConsultation Software for Healthcare

Open Source Solutions website, Medevel, reviews Q-Consultation Lite, the new video consultation plugin from QuickBlox.

19 Nov 2022
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QuickBlox: A Robust Communication Platform

Nate MacLeitch, CEO of QuickBlox, engages in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, wherein he walks us through the on what makes QuickBlox a unique CPaaS provider.

12 Nov 2022
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Nate Macleitch: London Is Where the World Meets

QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch is interviewed about the benefits of founding a tech startup in London.

29 Oct 2022
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Best Secure Communication Software: Our Top Picks

Find out why QuickBlox was voted in “top picks” for “best secure communication software”.

3 Oct 2022
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Create your own Messenger in Minutes

A review of “what makes QuickBlox a reliable platform to develop and host chatting applications.”

24 Jul 2022
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5 Benefits of Using Chat API

QuickBlox is highlighted in an article describing the benefits of using Chat API, with their proven track record of providing embeddable real-time communication features via their chat SDKs and APIs.

12 Jul 2022
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Using QuickBlox as a backend for Chatbots

Medevel explores the benefits of using the QuickBlox platform as a chatbot backend.

7 May 2021

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