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Open Source vs. Proprietary AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Is open-source AI development the right way, or is the proprietary philosophy the way to go? QuickBlox CEO adds to the discussion.

13 Dec 2023
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Top 25 AI Startups to Watch in Europe

QuickBlox is listed in the top 25 AI startups to watch in Europe, proving that Europe is an AI force to be reckoned with in 2023.

12 Dec 2023
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Communications in the New Era of Generative AI

Nate MacLeitch, QuickBlox CEO, highlights the impact of generative AI, in creating a new era of virtual assistants capable of emulating human conversations and providing answers in real time.

3 Nov 2023
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QuickBlox Revolutionizes Video Consultation

Case study about how QuickBlox’s collaboration with South Bank University’s Simulation for Digital Health (SimDH) program led to the innovation of Q-Consultation Lite.

27 Aug 2023
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Experts Say Workplace AI Bans Won’t Work

Nate Macleitch of QuickBlox contributes to the discussion about whether workplace bans of AI are desirable or even possible.

16 Aug 2023
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15 International AI Executives Revolutionizing Industries

This article highlights 15 international A.I. executives at the forefront of this technological revolution, including QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch.

19 Jul 2023
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15 European Startups working to build a Stronger Economy

Find out why QuickBlox has been highlighted as a key startup in Europe.

23 Mar 2023
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ChatGPT reemplazará a los chatbots?

QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch, comments on the promise of combining ChatGPT, chatbots, and real-time communication apps.

21 Mar 2023
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The Future of Communication Technology

Nate Macleitch of Quickblox, on How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up How We Connect and Communicate With Each Other.

20 Mar 2023
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Free and Open Source TeleConsultation Software for Healthcare

Open Source Solutions website, Medevel, reviews Q-Consultation Lite, the new video consultation plugin from QuickBlox.

19 Nov 2022
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Best Secure Communication Software: Our Top Picks

Find out why QuickBlox was voted in “top picks” for “best secure communication software”.

3 Oct 2022
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5 Benefits of Using Chat API

QuickBlox is highlighted in an article describing the benefits of using Chat API, with their proven track record of providing embeddable real-time communication features via their chat SDKs and APIs.

12 Jul 2022
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Using QuickBlox as a backend for Chatbots

Medevel explores the benefits of using the QuickBlox platform as a chatbot backend.

7 May 2021

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