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What are Push Notifications?

Anton Dyachenko
31 Oct 2019
What are QuickBlox Push Notifications

Push notification is a friendly reminder to your customers about your brand. It is a great marketing tool that helps you keep in touch with the users and return them to your website. Notifications will reach the user anyway, even if they are not online or use a different mobile or desktop device. Push mailing allows you to develop a more efficient and responsive marketing strategy. It is easy to adjust it to user behavior, so it is more efficient than PPC advertising and bulk mailing.

To send the push messages, it is enough to get the permission of the user. They don’t even need to provide personal information, like a phone number or email address. This is the first step to creating the experience of positive interaction with the user.

What is a push notification and how is it different from a text message?

Today, push notifications increasingly replace SMS messages. You can plan mailings and segment the recipients, customize the notifications, create interfaces. You can analyze the effectiveness of the distribution, as well as user interaction with notifications. Push alerts provide more segmentation capabilities and are much cheaper than SMS.

Why should you use push notifications?

First of all, push messaging is a great way of communication with the customers, engaging and reactivating them. It allows you to encourage users for performing the necessary actions, and track their behavior. You can analyze their interests, preferences, customize the content and choose the right time to send it.

While the emails are often left unread, push notifications always reach the customers. They are also less annoying then bulk mailing. You send push reminders to the loyal audience since the recipients have agreed to get them. The information in the push messages is brief, so the users don’t have to spend a lot of time understanding it.

Push notifications exist as a marketing channel for reaching customers, but they are also convenient for the users.

It is a good way to follow the updates of their favorite resources: Hot Sale alerts, new publications, tips, promotions, price updates. They remind them to complete some actions: continue the game, finish the purchase, do the exercise, take medicine, etc.

You can use push notifications as targeted advertising. They do not broadcast bulk messages yet communicate with each separate user. Let’s consider the main push notifications advertising campaigns.

Types of push notification campaigns

You can use push notifications as targeted advertising. They do not broadcast bulk messages yet communicate with each separate user. Let’s consider the main push notifications advertising campaigns.


Geo-targeting is also known as local PPC. It refers to communicating with the customers located near the advertised company. To send the most relevant push notifications, customize the campaign according to the time zone and location of users.

Promotional and discount messages

This is the simplest and most common type of push campaigns. Its main rule is to make an adequate frequency of notifications. If the promotion is available for a limited time, make sure that the client has enough time to use the offer.

Reminder notifications

Based on user activity and the data from external sources, an app sends reminders. It helps them not to miss the opportunity and not forget to do something. If the user left the application with an unplaced order, the company sends a push notification with an offer to complete it.


Personal user interaction improves campaign performance and increases loyalty. You may create personalized survey interfaces asking for feedback. The replies will go to the servers which process them.

How do push notifications work with business apps?

Push notifications are good for applications of different business areas: Banking, Travel, Healthcare, E-commerce. In specialized business applications, push notifications can perform official, informative functions, for example:

  • a notice of money transactions (from financial apps)
  • notification of a received letter or personal message
  • information about updates or program crashes, etc.

How to add push notifications to an application?

Each mobile application platform has its own OSPNS (Operating System Push Notification Service). To add push notifications to an application, you need to register it with the OSPNS. The OS service provides an application programming interface (API) to the app publisher. The app publisher then adds the SDK to the app, then uploads the app to the appropriate app store.

Despite this, the correct tuning of notifications is a time-consuming process. It requires extra research – reading documentation, case studies, and implementation guides.

QuickBlox notification toolkit

QuickBlox provides the opportunity to install push notifications without spending lots of effort. We also provide clear and extensive documentation and flexible processing tools.

Using our tools, you can send cross-platform notifications from the Android app to an iOS device. This ensures the synchronization of actions across many mobile devices.


Push messaging is communication with the users already interested in your business. Sending well-considered, relevant, and timely messages is a great marketing strategy. By focusing on your business goals, you will develop and maintain your customer base.QuickBlox can help you organize notifications across platforms, devices, and users for better engagement and delight of your customers. Contact our team to learn more about QuickBlox push notifications solutions.

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