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Digital communication is a part of our lives

Anton Dyachenko
11 Sep 2020
Digital communication

In recent years, technology has revolutionized our daily lives. Technology dominates our modern world, making it ever more digitally connected. The digital world is becoming more prominent and more powerful. Today’s technological innovation has created unbelievable tools and solutions, providing essential information in a snap, making our lives more comfortable and fun.

Technology’s advancements have provided quicker ways to communicate through instant messaging apps and social media platforms, changing social communication forever.

Digital solutions have transformed business, education, healthcare, and even how we interact with our loved ones, removing all communication barriers. They are faster, more functional, efficient, and streamlined. Advanced communication tools allow sending data across the globe in one click, transferring money instantly, making all kinds of purchases online, living in parallel “game worlds,” and using pictures, video, sound, and text to share, erasing geographical boundaries and connecting more people.

The outbreak of pandemic also showed us how important digital communication is in our lives. Stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, people spent more of their lives online, as the virus spread and pushed us to our devices for work, play, and connect. While nothing can replace in-person communication, the advanced digital solution will ensure virtual experiences much more interacting and meaningful than ever before. The COVID-19 forced everyone to go for digital technologies to react to the crisis, being urged to set up efficient communicational tools to control the outbreak. It is time to rethink priorities and consider whether your business needs to make full use of digital technologies to address a wide range of pandemic-related issues and meet current communicational demands.

Add communication features to your apps and websites

Suppose you realized the need to use digital communication channels to reach your target audience effectively is no longer optional. In that case, you need to optimize mobile apps and websites by adding communicational features.

Let’s take a deep dive into how implementing communicational features can leverage and improve your digital solution adoption.

  • Real-Time Communication
  • The real-time communication feature offers the advantage of responding to regular inquiries and emergency support, enabling them to interact with a client at the moment, which is critical in any business sector, ensuring a greater degree of user engagement.

  • A Wide Range of Facilities
  • Group chats, free video calls, video conferences, screen, and document sharing are some of the options.

  • Reaching customers where they are
  • Integrating offline messages features will ensure your messages are delivered even if your customers are offline. Also, push notifications will ensure your target audience is timely informed of discounts, alerts, and reminders in one go, providing the best user experiences and customer support. Relevant and personalized push notifications are much better than emails since they are focused on the specific user and less likely to get into a spam folder.

  • Increased Productivity and Increased Multi-User Collaboration
  • Team communication apps are the usual things in a digital society. Streamlining project workflow and communication in a team messaging app can increase productivity and improve time management. Team members can edit, add, update, or delete data simultaneously from varied locations.

  • File Storage and Sharing
  • Team communication apps offer the ability to share files related to a project, sync them across multiple devices, store them in the cloud, and work together with clients and team members without a hitch.

How QuickBlox solutions can help

Developing a communication app for your business from scratch can be costly. QuickBlox can help you go digital and get greater personalization and operational efficiency and multiple other exclusive features. With our ready-made Q-consultation solution, you can immediately deploy your telemedicine app. You will get benefits in terms of lower costs, reduced risks, and shorter delivery time. Our white-label solution meets business use cases where virtual private rooms are required. It supports high-quality audio/video calls, group chats, file sharing, and end-to-end encryption.

Q-Consultation fits a wide range of use cases, such as telemedicine, education, sales & finance, professional services, or recruitment, where ensuring data privacy is crucial. With the Q-Consultation application, remote video consultation services can be easily created and quickly deployed with a high-security level. It is hosted on a secure, scalable, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant backend.

Every business needs internal communication solutions to improving performance and enhancing the company’s success. Understanding that communication is key, QuickBlox also launched a ready white-label messaging app Q-Municate that works across platforms.

Q-Municate will help to deploy your internal messaging app instead of developing it from scratch. Our all-in-one app will boost employee engagement and streamline communication. With remote workflow trends, it’s essential to enable team messaging apps with such features as high-quality audio/video calls and face-to-face conferences. Q-Municate supports the most modern features between users by allowing online collaboration and enhancing team communication, making them more engaged in your company’s life.

Final Thoughts

Our life has changed entirely due to technological advances and the shift towards a remote lifestyle. Both trends face new challenges and have the potential to use digital communication solutions in achieving high levels of productivity and efficiency and driving successful change in your business. At QuickBlox, we offer communication APIs, and SDKs explicitly made to bring your secure cross-platform applications to life. And ready-made solutions like Q-Municate and Q-Consultation ensure your internal communications positively contribute to the employee and customer experience.

Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you with more detailed information.

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