facebook Communication solutions designed for Marketplaces & E-Commerce

Communication solutions designed for Marketplaces & E-Commerce

A comprehensive communication solution for marketplaces and e‑commerce. Quickblox allows you to connect buyers with sellers in real-time with chat, voice, and video calling. Engage consumers, improve customer service, and drive sales with our communication features especially designed with your industry in mind.

Why QuickBlox?

chat integration

Engage buyers

Engage buyers with real-time communication. Enrich your marketplace API with instant messaging or video-calling to create a highly personalized and interactive shopping experience. Quickblox enables you to embed these features directly into your application and to customize their functionality and appearance according to your specific needs.

customer care

Improve customer care

Develop your e‑commerce API to build a powerful communication tool for customer care. Interact with your customers via live chat, voice, and video providing immediate and effective customer service. Send requested documentation via chat securely and with ease. Protect their personal data in a secure platform. A responsive support team means enhanced customer satisfaction.


Reduce cart abandonment

Track and analyze user activity and increase engagement by sending visitors personalized messages and notifications. Use real-time chat API to minimize user cart abandonment.


Increase sales

Increase the likelihood of converting website visitors into buyers and repeat customers by creating positive consumer experiences. Build trust and drive transactions through a responsive communication platform.

Customizable chat & calling API for marketplaces and e‑commerce

QuickBlox Real time

Real‑time messaging

Connect buyers with sellers in your online marketplace. Provide speedy support for your customers via a live chat application.

  • Real‑time chat messaging
  • Live and offline messages
  • Message delivery status and typing indicator
  • User presence
  • Push and in‑app notifications (e.g. flash sales and promotions, check-out basket reminders)
marketplaces chat call
marketplaces audio and video
QuickBlox Video calling

Audio & video call

Integrate audio and video calling functionality for modern e-commerce website solutions and mobile apps. Engage customers and drive commercial transactions.

  • 1:1 audio and video calls
  • Group audio and video calls (up to 4 users)
  • Recordable group conference calls
  • Screen sharing features
  • Video-streaming
QuickBlox Chat features

Chat features

Take advantage of an embedded chat system for online e‑commerce solutions. Stay in touch with customers and boost sales by improving customer service.

  • 1-1 private chat
  • Group chat
  • Public chat
  • File sharing - any type of file including voice & video messages (e.g. product image, order confirmation, invoice, receipt)
  • Dynamic messaging - add embeddable links and buttons
marketplace real time
marketplace user management
QuickBlox User management

User management

Use messaging e‑commerce API for user management to provide improved customer support for online shops and marketplaces.

  • Create user registration and login
  • Detect and ban fraudulent users
  • Prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal data
  • Facilitate communication between buyers and sellers
  • Share instructions and product descriptions
  • See user’s purchase history

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