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The impact of Covid-19 has hastened the need for virtual consultation across a variety of industries and use cases. From the adoption of telehealth by healthcare professionals needing to consult remotely with patients, to educators offering one-to-one online tutorials, and financial advisors requiring a secure means to share confidential information with their global clients, the need for virtual private meetings through video conference is endless.

What is Q-Consultation?

Q-Consultation is a ready solution for any number of possible video consultation use cases. Create a virtual meeting room experience with real-time communication that works on any mobile device and the web.

The user can invite a patient/customer to a video appointment and hold them in a virtual waiting room until they are ready.

The consultation can be conducted via chat, voice, and video calling.

An administrator can manage the patient/customer queue via a dashboard and assign patients / customers to available staff.

Video Call recording is supported by certain web browsers.

Other features include user authentication, 2‑way messaging, file sharing, note taking, and screen sharing.

Powered by QuickBlox

QuickBlox powered

Q‑Consultation is a ready to use business offering built on top of QuickBlox communication infrastructure.

We host this tele-consultation app in a secure, scalable, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant cloud together with support and enterprise-ready features.

We provide full support to our enterprise customers. Our developers will assist you with integration and DevOps engineers will help you with infrastructure optimisation and security consultation.

Q‑Consultation is compatible with the QuickBlox platform so you can use both Q‑Consultation and the QuickBlox chat APIs & video calling SDKs across your various application(s) where needed for a deeper level of integration and communication across multiple applications. You can also access appointment information, notes, message history, and call recordings via API.

For example, you may use Q‑Consultation as your telemedicine app to power video chat interactions, but also use the QuickBlox platform to power internal communication like a private messenger for your care team & internal staff to communicate privately about telemedicine visits.

Who needs Q‑Consultation?

QuickBlox who-needs
QuickBlox healthcare

Telemedicine & Teletherapy

Public and private hospitals and clinics, healthcare professionals, and technology and service providers to the healthcare industry benefit from Q-Consultation. Connect healthcare providers to patients in a virtual clinic. Use Q-Consultation to reduce the pressure on your physical infrastructure by managing appointments remotely.

Through the Q‑consultation patient portal, patients can describe symptoms, complete intake forms, exchange secure messages, share photos & videos, and benefit from a HIPAA compliant video visit with their doctor.

QuickBlox services

Professional services

Rely on Q‑Consultation if you have clients who require your expertise or personal interaction for legal or financial services, or other direct personal service consultation. Our teleconsultation solution enables you to enjoy recordable, confidential, virtual visits with your clients.

QuickBlox education


Use Q‑Consultation as a remote tool to manage your office hours for student consultations, tutoring, or any other appointment-based use case. With the move to online education and the unexpected closure of schools, Q‑Consultation provides you with a fully-featured virtual appointment room with your students any time you want.

QuickBlox business


Provide "in-person" sales, product demos, and customer service remotely. Offer video consultation with new and existing customers for a variety of use cases like technical support, customer care, product demonstrations. Stay personally and directly connected to your customers.

QuickBlox recruitment


Need to hire new people remotely or have to interview a large number of candidates sequentially? You can now engage in recruitment practices via Q‑Consultation.

Why Q‑Consultation?

Use video consultation services to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on your company or organization. We have ready applications so that you can quickly get started. Don't wait months for a solution.

Developing applications for iOS, android, and web platforms from scratch is costly. License our ready application now.

We offer Q‑Consultation both as a managed service and as a licensed software application. The application is bundled with QuickBlox support and services.

Customize your support and solution. You can use Q‑Consultation with any QuickBlox subscription. Customize the application to meet your workflow requirements by our professional service team.

If you already use QuickBlox, add this ready application alongside your existing services with all your users and data hosted in your existing communication backend.

We offer flexible pricing options. Pay for Q‑Consultation in the form of a per-seat subscription model or monthly as a SAAS license.

You can also license the source code and modify the code according to your business needs.

QuickBlox why

Main Features

QuickBlox real-time


Secure and encrypted chat and file sharing between participants.

QuickBlox hippa-gdpr

HIPAA and GDPR compliant

Compatible by design with HIPAA and GDPR.

QuickBlox video-calling


The solution is built on the top of the latest WebRTC technology with robust video calling.

QuickBlox customizable


Customization services are included in the price tag, such as small UI modifications and rebranding. The development team will handle this for you.

QuickBlox usecases

Variety of Use Cases

Suitable workflow for many industry use cases like patient flow in healthcare supporting the roles of customer or provider.

QuickBlox security


Thanks to the QuickBlox backend which is used to power the application, data is encrypted. Text, audio, and video calling are secure and scalable.

QuickBlox patient-data

Cross Platform

Native apps for iOS and android, and a web interface for the other platforms.

QuickBlox localization


Translation to your local language is also supported.

QuickBlox hosting

Flexible hosting options

The solution can be deployed on-premise or in your secure cloud.

Additional Services for Enterprises

QuickBlox samples

Professional Services

Bigger custom functionality modifications are available for customers by our Quickblox professional services team. We can customize according to your exact specifications.

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QuickBlox support


Deployment for each platform can also be managed by the QuickBlox team, if needed.

QuickBlox integrate

Extra Add-ons

Extra add-ons and 3rd-party integrations can be developed for your use case.

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