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The Quickblox users module handles your whole user registration system - from the server-side signup process, data storage and authentication to social sign-in, groups and full integration with the other Quickblox modules.

You're covered

Account handling, authentication, custom fields, SSO & password reminders. Done.


Complete integration with other modules for user avatars, locations, chat history and more.

Social Support

Integration with Facebook, Twitter and Open ID. Make your app sociable.

Uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and unlimited data usage, concurrent users and notifications.
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Apps using the users module:

gaydar chatpoints hangwith onepartner

More features

User Groups - manage and tag user groups to segment your audience and data. Manage user data in your app or through the admin panel.

Background syncing and other typical user tasks managed automatically. Reminders and other technical messages sent to the user via Messaging module.

Information for developers

Code snippets

// sign in // initialize the user object QBUUser user = new QBUUser(); user.setOwnerID(18); user.setLogin("kevin"); user.setPassword("incredibleworld");// authenticate QBUsersService.authenticateUser(user, this);

Over 1.3 million users registered with the Quickblox Users module. Sign up now