Put your users on the map.

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View your friend’s locations over the map and integrate with the users module


Store history of all the places you’ve been to, all over the world.


With check-in support, you can hold events and see where your friends are on the map.

Uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and unlimited data usage, concurrent users and notifications.
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Apps using the location module:

gaydar chatpoints vk-radar onepartner

More features

Presence - show online users and the last location for offline users.

Places or POIs - easily add places of interest to the map, with additional description or a photo.

Directions - allows easy distance calculations to provide directions for your users.

Admin panel - manage people, places, settings and stats.

Information for developers

Code snippets

// create point // initialize the geodata object QBLGeoData geoData = new QBLGeoData(); geoData.setStatus("I’m on Baker street, London!"); Location loc = QBLLocationDataSource.getInstance().getCurrentLocation(); geoData.setLatitude(loc.getLatitude()); geoData.setLongitude(loc.getLongitude());// create new point QBLocationService.postGeoData(geodata, this);