HostingShared CloudDedicated Instance (Enterprise)
Chat messages20/s35/s50/s200/s1,000/s
Push notifications20/s35/s50/s200/s1,000/s
Monthly active users20,00035,00075,000250,000500,000
Support channelsCommunityCommunity
  • Tickets
  • Email
  • Tickets
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Tickets
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Acc. manager
  • Tickets
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Acc. manager
Uptime guarantee98%98%98.5%99%99.9%
Support hours9am-5pm9am-5pm24/724/7
Response time24hrs4hrs2hrs30min
Video calling
Server-side chat history
Conference calling
Merge tags
Integration hours10hrs20hrs40hrs
Super-user account
Plan flexibility
Dedicated monitoring,
stats and backup.
Cloud architect


What does "/s" mean and why is the API limited in this way?

Per second. We limit the API in this way as it is a good indicator of the size or activity of your community.

What happens if I exceed the limitations?

Some requests will be denied (throttling). For example, if you're on the free tier and sending 25 push notifications per second, 5 of those requests will be denied and the notifications will not be sent. We will soon be offering usage statistics in the admin dashboard to show you how much you're using and whether you need to upgrade or not.

I'm developing my app and will eventually need to upgrade. Can I do this when I launch and expand?

Yes, of course. The Starter tier is the ideal testing ground for when you're developing your app. As long as your requests do not exceed the limitations and you're happy to just use StackOverflow or other community support channels for your support requirements, you don't need to upgrade. When you start to gain traction, you can easily upgrade your account at any time. For Enterprise plans, please contact us directly.

On the Starter and Advanced plans, what is "community" support?

Community means public support channels such as StackOverflow and our free ticketing system. Unfortunately we can't offer any guarantee of a response for these support requests. Our developers and support team often check these so we try our best to offer support when we can. For better support with a response time guarantee, you can upgrade to the Pro or Quickblox Enterprise tiers.

Can I host modify the API or modules to suit my own requirements?

Yes - with an Enterprise plan (Small, Medium and Large), you are able to customise the API or admin dashboard however much you want. We offer this as a service for Enterprise customers.

Can I host Quickblox on my own servers?

Yes - with an Enterprise plan (Small, Medium and Large). If you want to do this, contact us via email, phone or from the Enterprise page.

What is the difference between "shared cloud" and "dedicated enterprise instance"?

When on the shared cloud, you share the Quickblox instance with other users - this is fine for most developers. When traffic is high, it might affect the speed of the API and slow down your app. The Medium and Pro tiers are on higher priority than the Starter tier.

Dedicated instance means you are able to host the Quickblox API on your own servers, and therefore you pay only for what you need and never experience interference from other users.

On the Small, Medium and Large plans - what am I paying for?

On these plans, you are paying for the license to use Quickblox on a dedicated instance. You pay the hosting costs of this instance. We offer integration services (setup costs) meaning we will install the Quickblox platform on your servers for you. Many of our Enterprise customers choose these plans so they can add custom modifications - we also offer this as a service.

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