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Why Developers Choose QuickBlox

Anna S.
22 Sep 2022

The QuickBlox platform has been designed with developers in mind to provide a secure and scalable environment for building and testing chat apps. The QuickBlox developer platform offers tried and tested functionality that we have been perfecting over the years. With a range of feature-rich SDKs and APIs and flexible price plans, you can use our platform with confidence for all your chat development projects.

Why did we decide to create a developer platform? From our experience, we know that building a chat app can become a long and bumpy road with lots of unexpected obstacles. To make the development process easier for you, we set up a secure space where you can create test applications and run various QuickBlox features in them.

As your business grows, so will your QuickBlox-based chat app. You can scale your solution up and out, adding features and expanding your user base. On our platform, you will always find the size and format that are just right for you. From prototypes and MVPs, to feature-rich business applications – we’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the details.

What’s on offer

You can choose from among five pricing plans. Find the one that best fits your app requirements or start with the free tier to try out QuickBlox features and see how they work.

Free Basic Plan

If you choose the free Basic plan, the following features become immediately available to you:

  • Up to 500 registered users
  • 1-month data retention
  • File size up to 10 MB
  • Core chat features, such as direct and group chat, presence and typing indicators, message attachments, delivery and read receipts, voice messages, chat history, public and private rooms, auto-reconnection and synchronization
  • Peer-to-peer audio/video calls
  • Community support
  • The Basic pricing plan gives you enough options to try the QuickBlox functionality in a simple app. Choose this plan if you need to build a prototype, a PoC, or an MVP for your startup. The features supported in the free plan can be sufficient to build and test a new solution. You can stay with the Basic plan for up to three months, which gives you time to evaluate the QuickBlox functionality and decide if it suits your purposes.

    QuickBlox chat features

    Paid Cloud Plans

    For a more sophisticated application requiring advanced features, such as custom classes, offline messages, synchronization across multiple devices, user blocking, and server API, check out other pricing options. On the multi-tenant shared cloud we offer a Starter Plan and Growth Plan. Depending on the app size, you can choose the plan that is the most optimal for you.

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    For healthcare apps, we recommend that you consider the HIPAA Cloud plan. It is designed specifically for solutions that must ensure HIPAA compliance. For such projects, we offer data encryption providing protection of user communications and compliance with the applicable regulations.

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    Enterprise Plan

    For enterprise customers, we are always happy to negotiate special conditions within our Enterprise plan. It is the most flexible of the QuickBlox developer options allowing us to work out a custom configuration that fits your specific requirements.

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    What the QuickBlox platform contains

    The QuickBlox team has put together a set of APIs and SDKs allowing you to create chat apps on all the major mobile platforms and operating systems. When you access QuickBlox, you have the following SDKs and APIs available to you:

    • iOS
    • Android
    • JavaScript
    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Server API

    We have built tools for you to create native and cross-platform chat apps, web solutions as well as server apps.

    We also provide code samples for chat and video calling for each key platform. This speeds up the process of integrating video and messaging functionality into your application.

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    How to get started with the QuickBlox developer platform

    1. Once you sign-up for one of our plans, you get a QuickBlox account that you can use to access the various APIs, SDKs, and services that the platform offers.
    2. Welcome to QuickBlox

    3. When you log in to the platform, you can proceed to create your first application that you will use to add communication features supported by the QuickBlox SDKs.
    4. Create an App

    5. View and manage your applications using the QuickBlox dashboard giving you an overview of your project at a glance. The dashboard also allows you to monitor the system status.
    6. Browse the documentation for detailed instructions on how to add various SDKs to your project. The documentation also contains code samples that you can download and run in your app.

    How to upgrade your plan

    If you feel that your project has outgrown the limits of your current plan, you can always upgrade to a higher tier to enjoy broader possibilities. To upgrade, contact QuickBlox support and request a new pricing plan to be enabled for you.

    In cases when your planned app cannot be accommodated by any of the standard pricing plans we offer, contact us for a custom solution. We will work together to develop a plan that suits your requirements and meets your budget.

    How to get support

    We provide rich documentation for all of our SDKs. However, if you have any questions about using the QuickBlox developer tools, visit our help page. Here, you can find lots of useful self-service resources:

    • FAQs containing answers to the most frequently asked questions
    • Latest news and updates informing of the changes implemented in new product versions
    • Tutorials walking you through the most common SDK and API usage scenarios

    If you cannot resolve your issue using the self-service tools, contact our support using the options available within the scope of your pricing plan. For example, in the Basic plan, you can use QuickBlox documentation and community support, while higher tiers offer other options, such as submitting a support ticket in the Starter, Growth, and HIPAA Cloud plans, and a dedicated support manager for enterprise customers. But whatever your plan, if needed we can provide additional technical support and customer development at a reasonable cost.

    Why developers choose QuickBlox

    I hope we’ve clearly outlined why developers consistently choose QuickBlox. Here’s a brief summary:

    • Secure & scalable platform
    • Flexible choice of price plans including a free tier
    • Feature rich SDKs and APIs
    • Tools for native, cross-platform, and web based projects
    • Ready-to-use code samples
    • Rich documentation and other self-service tools
    • Helpful support team and custom development services

    Try QuickBlox now

    You can start using the developer solutions that QuickBlox created right away. Sign up for a free plan and build your first chat app. If you are not sure that QuickBlox is right for you, there are no commitments – you don’t even have to provide a credit card.

    However, we hope that you will appreciate the developer environment that we offer and the skills and expertise of the QuickBlox team who tried their best to build solutions that are effective, secure, and easy to implement. We can’t wait to welcome you to our developer community!

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