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Use QuickBlox chat integration tools

Anton Dyachenko
15 Jan 2021
QuickBlox chat integration tools

Chat integration is a must-have in customer service. To attract potential customers to the website, provide quick support or advice, give interesting content, and keep clients returning to the site are crucial components of every online business’s effective work. Using a convenient and popular chat integration greatly simplifies the sales process.

For many companies, online chat has been an additional tool for communicating with customers compared to email and telephone support, instant messenger services, and social networks. Such companies either do not see a particular benefit in this tool or do not know its true potential. So what is online chat for modern businesses?

QuickBlox dive into what chat integrations are and how you can use them as a marketing and sales tool to engage customers, promote online stores, and support them.

What are chat integrations?

Live chat integrations offer a flexible real-time communication tool that you can use on a website for online technical support, interaction with the target audience, and promotion of your products and services. If clients need help, they can ask an online consultant a question and get an answer quickly. But that’s not all. By working competently with such a service, you can generate many new leads, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Moreover, such chats are a source of information about the business’s state, suggesting how to move.

Why use chat integrations

What is so special about the chat integrations? To answer this question, let’s examine other online communication tools that are popular among companies.

Email and telephone services perform roughly the same function. They allow you to exchange questions and answers relatively quickly and in real-time. In contrast to these tools, chat services will enable you to communicate with website visitors and see who is currently on it. In the case of email or telephone, you will only know about the client when he writes or calls you. If a person has already used your services, you know his name and what he has bought last time. Instead of sitting and waiting for a client to contact you, you can take a proactive approach and encourage them to interact, thus increasing sales.

Value of chat integrations

Here are some of the most significant chat integration advantages:

  • Customer Convenience
  • Chat services make it possible to contact a support operator instantly. There is no need to press buttons or dial a phone number to talk to a company representative. 82% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important if they have marketing or sales questions. According to Forrester, 50% of adults will abandon a purchase if you can’t give them a quick answer to their question. Live chat software allows salespeople to interact with website visitors as they are exploring content or researching products. Anderson Consulting’s research showed that 62% of online customers would buy more products if live chat and support were available. It also reduced shopping cart abandonment by up to 30%.

    Many users prefer a live chat for multitasking purposes. Even if the visitor has to wait a couple of minutes for an answer, he can continue to browse the site without wasting time. Waiting for a solution does not cause negative emotions. While the operator is typing a reply, the user can continue exploring the area, so one or two minutes of waiting will not irritate him.

    In a live chat, the whole conversation can be saved. Users perceive text information more easily than voice information. Moreover, custom support agents can send links in the chat or share a screen. It helps provide a better solution to the customer.

  • Cheaper and easier to scale
  • One customer support agent can handle multiple chats simultaneously. Hence, you don’t need to hire a large staff of agents. Compared to the call center, the waiting line in the live chat is much smaller. Moreover, smart programs provide opportunities for distributing questions between different departments of the company.

    Using an online consultant leads to an increase in the average order value, as clients receive recommendations and answers to questions in real-time, without delays. A customer service representative will be happy to help you choose the right product or service, which, in turn, also reduces the costs associated with returning goods.

    Installing live feedback on the site will take you only a few minutes and not require any special knowledge. Many live chat software options integrate with CRM databases where contact data and transcripts can be aggregated, enabling to convert leads into customers and provide the company’s information across departments (i.e., sales, marketing, and customer success).

  • Boosted conversions
  • A potential buyer feels more confident and is more encouraged to studying a variety of products and services if he knows that a specialist is ready to help in real-time. A positive in-app customer experience increases the average order value and removes buying objections. Live chat affects the level of sales.
    One study show that live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

    Live chat feature provides fast decision-making skills in customers and better interaction, ensuring business conversion rates. Integration of live chat in a mobile app allows the app owners to connect with the users providing the best communication environment. It gives relevant information on customers’ preferences and growing market demands. Visitor’s journey history enables engaging them with the right chat messages will develop loyalty towards your brand and build trust with buyers.

What can integrations do?

No matter what, you will develop a chat for live-streaming events or virtual classrooms, HIPAA-compliant chat for telemedicine. There is a set of total requirements that integrations might tackle.

  • Voice and video calling
  • Quite often, the written conversation is not effective enough, and it is easier for the operator to communicate with the client in video or voice chat. This will speed up the resolution of your customer service cases and provide a more personalized level of service.

    QuickBlox offers simple integration of the voice and video API, allowing high-quality video calls to apps. Our video calling API is built on WebRTC principles providing a simplified, secure communication channel including audio and video for web and mobile apps.

  • Profanity filtering
  • Modern information technologies provide unique opportunities to access any information. A rapid shift to online interactions can be both beneficial and harmful. To protect a person and especially a child from the negative impact of the Internet is recommended to profanity filtering.

    QuickBlox Profanity Filter lets you moderate your chat messages in real-time. The functionality identifies inappropriate words and phrases in a collection of text and lets you mask the unwanted content in various ways. Thus, whenever the user publishes a message, the functionality scans the text for profanity and either mask the word or blocks the user. The tool does not require manual moderation and works on the go. Just create separate rules for each word or regexp (regular expression) you need to replace or use a predefined list with words saved in the .txt file.

  • Share anything
  • With the screen sharing feature, agents provide more effective support easily. Screen sharing allows you to promote your product, share educational material to students, distribute podcasts, share video/audio/photo moments of your life in real-time all over the world. Location sharing enables sending the real-time location in a message.

  • Cross-application support
  • The cross-platform app market is ever-evolving as businesses realize its benefits. With the wide variety of devices and the world’s transformation into a digital landscape, it is really important to take a tech solution that supports maximum runtimes and frameworks. An excellent cross-platform mobile app ensures top performance while reducing the differences between apps and giving users benefits to access the company’s product or service from more than one platform. QuickBlox offers instant messaging APIs that allow chat and calling functionality to be added to any Android, iOS, or Web application.

  • Third-party integrations
  • Third-party integrations are becoming an essential element to attract and retain customers. The best live chat options don’t dwell on providing their functionality; they are looking for more ways and tools that integrate with what they already use.

    The API trend experiences a significant boost, and now most e-commerce companies are adopting this integration to attract and maintain customers in this competitive world.

    Modern live chat software integrates with lots of third-party apps, such as social media, email marketing, e-commerce, CRM, and CMS tools, as well as many other useful sales tools. Сhat buttons can be directly placed into personalized emails. Clients can start chat sessions right out of the content. Using sales records with the company ensures a more efficient interaction with clients.

    QuickBlox offers a complete API and SDK, allowing quick and easy integration of full-featured chat functionality in your online service.

Integrate QuickBlox chat functionality

Live chat software is a best practice solution when it comes to enhancing the customer experience. Integrations boost chat implementation with premium services without the ongoing expense of network and server maintenance. You can easily add such outstanding features as voice and video calling, profanity filtering, screen-sharing, third-party integrations using QuickBlox APIs.

At QuickBlox, we have experience building messaging solutions of any scale. Our voice chats APIs and SDKs provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to implement the best live chat software to meet their particular business requirements and improve their interactions and customer engagement. We provide solutions to enhance or deliver a custom real-time chat application across platforms, ensuring your business keeps a leading market position.

If you have questions or ideas, drop us a line! Our experts will gladly help you find the best solution.

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