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QuickBlox Year-End recap and 2020 preview

Anton Dyachenko
25 Dec 2019
QuickBlox New Year recap

Happy Holidays!

The QuickBlox team hopes that you and your company had a great year. We are grateful for your support and hope that 2020 will see more growth and success for your business and application.

Here’s a summary of our 2019 achievements and plans for 2020.

Infrastructure improvements

In 2019, QuickBlox extended the list of supported hosting providers by GCP, AliCloud, Digital Ocean, enabling you to have messaging and calling in far-ranging locations closest to your end-users and customers. The team increased connection speed for video & audio calling and provides worldwide geographically distributed hosting configurations.

We enhanced infrastructure security with additional preventative and curative measures to reduce system vulnerabilities and improve security checks. This includes expanded software monitoring and logging, intrusion detection and virus scanning with the use of Open Source HIDS Security (OSSEC). Additional security features can be added to your instance. Enterprise customers can contact us to learn more.

QuickBlox DevOps team has also been busy implementing the latest DevSecOps industry practices for improving the robustness of our solutions.

In addition to security, regulatory compliance with GDPR & HIPAA remain a priority for Quickblox and we continue to expand your hosting options using Terraform and Ansible.

Server-side and Client-side platform improvements

We created new signaling that makes video and audio call functionality more flexible and scalable. This new signaling is currently in alpha and will be available for Quickblox customers in early 2020.

Our new signaling will enable additional functionality for all our customers including:

  • Advanced media server integration – an easy way to store your content and deliver it to your clients
  • Server-side call recording, call history – never lose any important information
  • Live streaming – real-time connection with your customers
  • VoIP support – easy and free online communication

The QuickBlox team has developed new Angular and React Native chat samples to simplify the integration of our product and released React Native SDK. Our Javascript SDK has also been updated to support Cordova and Electron on iOS13.

We are updating our messaging app SDKs so expect regular releases to coincide with new versions of the software to improve performance. We are also developing new app samples and expand developer documentation.

Plans for 2020

In 2020, QuickBlox will roll out Kubernetes support to facilitate server management with your Docker containers. This will allow you to save on hosting costs and server resources, and speed up the deployment and scaling for your real-time communication needs.

In January 2020, we will be releasing a Flutter SDK enabling cross-platform developers to use our Chat and Video call SDKs for building a messenger application. There will also be a new version of the Q-municate messenger app in the works with modular code for easy integration, improved design, and a user-friendly UI.

We thank you for your continued support and welcome your feedback to our planned releases.

Best wishes from the QuickBlox Team!

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