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QuickBlox UI KIt – get your app running today

Anton Dyachenko
5 Jun 2020
QuickBlox UI Kit

We are happy to announce the launch of the brand new cross-platform QuickBlox UI Kit. It is designed to create seamless mobile and web interfaces quickly. We present an excellent solution with prebuilt UI elements, screens, components, to develop fully-featured chatting apps. You can modify the UI Kit to fit your needs and goals. The source file is fully customizable, allowing you to completely change colors, fonts, icons, and so on.

What is a UI Kit?

UI kit is a ready-made set of graphic elements (for example, PSD or Sketch). It includes all of the components of a user interface to build a fully functional application with a minimal development effort. Thus, it can save you time, increase your profits, free up resources to focus on essential tasks.

Why use one?

The UI kit benefits have one thing in common: they save your time, money, and effort. UI Kits are the most helpful tool for both designers and developers in creating a cohesive user experience and unifying website elements across numerous online channels and marketing strategies.

Saving time and money

Professionals develop UI kits, if you are new to chat apps development, the ready-to-use solution will help a lot. You can find the color combinations you need, the best interface design practices, the correct shapes, and current trends for your future chat apps. It simplifies the designer’s routine work efficiently and profitably. Choosing and customizing elements let you focus on the unique features of the specific project and allow being more fast and productive. Creating a chat application from scratch will take much longer than using a ready-made template.

Also, the code of your components using the UI Kit becomes much more straightforward and more understandable. Before the final product is out, there must always be trial versions. UI Kits allow you to reproduce the final design in detail and the functionality of the future application.

Ensure Brand Consistency

The chatting application that you are going to develop needs to be attractive and user-friendly. If you want to provide a quality experience to users, it’s essential to be consistent in the user interface, messaging, and content across a brand’s mediums. It will enable a user to recognize a brand’s elements and to stay engaged. UI kit helps keep the same style and the same interface decisions – this saves time for front-end developers. Though it allows updating styles quickly and easily. Developers can call upon a collection of elements in the UI Kit to bring your chat app up to scratch, creating a unique style, and maintaining brand consistency for your users.

Investing in a UI Style Kit

To develop a UI Kit is not always necessary as the time invested in one and substantial maintenance costs may be enormous for small businesses. You can use an already made UI kit with a wide selection of elements. Using the UI Kit would cut your development cost and effort so that you can build a secure and scalable chat experience into your app quickly.

Are you looking for a UI Kit for your next instant messaging application? With QuickBlox, you are free of error.

QuickBlox UIKit

QuickBlox UI kit contains essentials required to create a modern chat application easily. It helps apply reasonable user experience solutions, allows rich theme customization, and provide maximum components flexibility. The all-in-one solution includes managing chat features and makes real-time updates in your app.

QuickBlox Ui Kit comes with 92 mobile and 72 web screens, ready to be edited and published on your applications. The all-in-one solution is easy to customize and use all the Sketch features, including color and font styles, dynamic components, and flexible resizing.

The set also comes with 107 UI components so that you don’t have to build everything from scratch.

UI Kit comes with 33 elegant outline icons set representing standard functionality.

In conclusion

If you are forward-looking got for a chat in your app, QuickBlox Ui Kit is the solution to create an integrated experience for both users and developers. It will help implement a full-featured chat experience that is flexible to correspond to your brand’s needs.

Get in touch today to find out more about how QuickBlox can help you.
Check out QuickBlox UI Kit. Download for free.

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