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Why your business needs live streaming

Anna S.
3 Mar 2022
live streaming

Today, if you are in a customer-facing business, you cannot ignore live video streaming. Video is quickly becoming a preferred channel for most people – on average, every one of us spends about 100 minutes per day watching videos. Moreover, if we are talking about B2C communication, here video is winning over other types of content by a solid margin – 80% of people prefer to watch a video from a brand than to read its blog post.

This is another way of saying that even if you have not yet included live video streaming in your marketing strategy, you are going to do it soon. Virtually any business can benefit from live streaming. There are millions of things you can do in a live video – an interview, a master class, a demo, a tutorial, a webinar. No matter what kind of business you are – a software development company, a healthcare provider, or a small bakery – you can turn live streaming into a marketing tool and enjoy the benefits.

How can live streaming boost your business?

Live streams contribute to your business’ success in more than one way. That is, of course, if they are well-prepared – from both the content and technology side, relevant for your audience, and strategically timed.

Reach your customers where they are

In 2022, our living and working routines have been dramatically modified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it imposed. Social distancing and isolation forced many businesses to switch to online operations to reduce physical contacts between people. As a result, a massive number of work, commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, and many other types of interaction have adopted the online format.

In this context, live streaming is very effective in reaching your target audience and getting your message across even in the time of distancing. Many people have mastered various communication and collaboration tools and have no problem joining any online event, both from desktops and mobile devices. No matter where they are physically, you can reach your audience at a live stream and even widen your geography.

Build connection and engagement

When you are streaming live, you are gathering your audience together at the specified time. Their interest and anticipation are high because they are about to watch something new and unique. Moreover, if you offer an opportunity to comment, like, share, or otherwise interact with your live content, the engagement becomes even higher.

Unlike recorded videos, people cannot mark them “for later” and then forget. On the contrary, one of the benefits of live streaming events is if you announce a live stream in advance, they will set up reminders and make sure not to miss your event when it starts.

Another side of live streaming benefits is that it allows interaction between your brand and users. If you follow their comments and questions they post during the live event, you can respond immediately creating a strong connection and trust. Often, such live sessions also spark discussions between users allowing them to feel peer support and increasing confidence in your brand.

Increase brand awareness

The benefits of live streaming is related to a higher engagement. With live streaming, you are getting an engaged audience who will pay closer attention to what you are streaming. As a result, the level of brand awareness and recognition with such viewers will be higher.

On this note, a good practice is to use the same people as live stream hosts. As with popular TV shows, the audience will get used to the same personalities representing your brand. Moreover, if they manage to deliver a truly interesting and useful show, the connection between your brand and audience is going to be even stronger.

Create one-of-a-kind experiences

Live streams, just like live shows, are unique because they are only held once. When people sign up for live streams, they know they are joining an event that will not repeat anywhere else.

This motivation is especially strong with live webinars, master classes, Q&A sessions, and other interactive events. During a live stream, people can pose the questions that are relevant to them, ask to clarify or repeat certain steps, join a discussion started by other participants. Of course, they can watch recorded videos later, but those precious opportunities will be lost forever.

Understand your users better

Live streams present unique communication opportunities not only to the audience but to the hosts, too. When you are presenting in real-time, you can get immediate feedback that you cannot get otherwise. Do your viewers quit your stream shortly after joining or do they stay for its entire duration? Do they ask many questions or stay inactive? Do they take part in discussions and interactive activities?

All these observations can help you judge whether the content that you offer is truly interesting, useful, and engaging. If you see that people lose interest in your event shortly after the beginning, it is an indicator that the topic or the presentation is not very relevant for them, and you need to rethink your video marketing approach.

At the same time, during a live stream, you can also get feedback about your products or services, too. Your video content will touch upon your products, anyway, giving your viewers a chance to express their opinions. Live streaming is a great way to get true feedback and see how your audience is satisfied with your offering.

What does it take to start live streaming like a pro?

If you have never tried live streaming to your audience, it may seem like something way over your head. In reality, live streaming is even easier than producing a pre-recorded video.

What you need is a reliable video streaming service and an interesting subject that can engage your audience. Make a script, do a couple of timed dry-runs, leave time for questions and answers – and go live. With streamed sessions, you need almost no post-production, if you wish to post the recording on your video channel.

Of course, live streams are extremely technology-dependent. When you are running a live show, there is nothing worse than a sudden loss of image or sound. Even with an interesting topic and quality content, technical failures can ruin the entire impression for the viewers. Therefore, make sure you have chosen a high-performance streaming platform or streaming app and quality hardware on your end. This way, you can be sure that your live video streaming event will go smoothly and create positive experiences for your audience.

Live Stream with QuickBlox

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