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Video Conferencing

Real-time video group interactions via video to enhance collaboration and productivity

Engage your customers, employees, and business partners with secure and easy-to-use QuickBlox video conferencing. Our high-quality low latency conferencing solution ensures people stay connected even when they are apart.

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Make on-screen interactions part of your business communication to improve efficiency and deepen user engagement

QuickBlox multiparty

High quality multi-party calls

QuickBlox HD video conferencing software allows groups of participants to interact, share, and collaborate in real-time and with exceptional ease. Embed this feature into your e-learning app, internal company messaging app, and numerous other types of mobile apps where there is a need for groups to communicate in a visually engaging way.

QuickBlox record


With voice and video conferencing technology, it's possible to record and archive your entire session. If you work in healthcare or finance or some other industry where there is a need to keep a permanent record of communications, your recorded session can be safely stored in the cloud, or on-premise in your own virtual machines and easily accessed when needed.

QuickBlox features

Feature-rich and versatile

Our video SDKs and chat SDKs support screen-sharing, file exchange, switching between video inputs, group chat, and conference recording. Furthermore, this functionality can be easily integrated into pre-existing software such as an e-learning platform or Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system with minimum fuss.

QuickBlox Cross Platform


Our solution is designed to work cross-platform, so that you can enjoy online meetings with others whether you are using a desktop app, tablet, or mobile phone. For ease and convenience real-time video chat is possible on-the-go, wherever you are.

QuickBlox streaming

Video streaming

Need to present an academic lecture, company presentation, or gaming event to a large audience? No problem. Our conference calling technology supports video streaming for potentially 1000s of viewers, depending on your server configuration.

QuickBlox webrtc

WebRTC technology

Your communication is fully protected and secure when you use our conferencing solution built with the best technology. WebRTC has inbuilt security which means that your private conversations remain just that.

QuickBlox Pipedia Hipaa

PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant

We will configure your instance in your own secure cloud environment to ensure PIPEDA and HIPAA compliance. We follow encryption protocols, provide a Business Associate Agreement, and work with your info-security team to ensure regulatory compliance.

QuickBlox GDPR

GDPR compliant

Because we don't store any of your customer's data, it remains safely in your control. Furthermore, we provide you with the tools to protect, store, and remove this data to ensure that your app is fully GDPR compliant.

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Key features

  • Group calls: Get a group of participants together in a virtual meeting so that they can collaborate together regardless of where they each are.

  • Call invitations: Create and send links for users to conveniently join calls as and when they need.

  • Multiple video input: Connect to external cameras
    (e.g. security camera, endoscope) and switch between camera input on a call.

  • High Security: Enjoy private and protected real time communication with a video conferencing tool built on highly secure WebRTC.

  • Screen-sharing: Present in real-time by sharing your screen with others.

  • Mute/unmute audio and turn on/off video: Calibrate your engagement by turning on and off your video camera and microphone as required.

  • Video recording: Record and save the content of your conference to ensure valuable communication is never lost.

  • Advanced features: Integrate additional features and communication tools into your video conferencing platform such as file sharing or real-time messaging for a truly versatile user experience.

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Video Conferencing vs Peer-to-Peer Calling

  • Video Conferencing
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  • What is it?
  • Video conferencing is built on top of WebRTC SFU technology. All communication goes via a centralized conference media server.
  • P2P WebRTC involves direct exchange of media and data between peers without the presence of a centralized server.
  • Main differences to consider
    • Possible to have a larger number of callers at one time
    • Advanced features including server-side recording
    • Involves higher costs
    • Lower cost of operation because you don’t end up paying for your user’s bandwidth
    • Cheaper to scale as there is no need to pay for extra servers
    • Supports up to 4 users at a time
  • Pricing and Set-up
  • Available as an add-on. Additional charges may apply
    • Available on our shared cloud and Enterprise plan
    • Additional cost if you require your own TURN server to initiate call

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