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Q‑Consultation for Finance and Banking

Add secure video chat functionality to your banking software with our customizable and ready‑to‑use embeddable app.

A Professional Consultation App for Banking & Finance

Q‑Consultation is a customizable virtual meeting room with teleconsultation designed for the particular needs of finance and banking. Q‑Consultation enables financial advisors and relationship managers to communicate directly and privately with their clients via chat, audio, and video calls. Our secure instant messaging solution with video chat is packed with features including user authentication, queue management, file‑sharing, note‑taking, and video recording.

Q‑Consultation is a ready‑to‑use business offering built on top of the QuickBlox platform. We host this plugin in a secure, scalable and GDPR compliant cloud together with support and enterprise‑ready features.

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Benefits of Q‑Consultation for Finance and Banking

Exceed your customer’s expectations with modern digital communication

Enable your customers to contact you via secure chat and video calls from the convenience of their phone.

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Facilitate banking transactions and improve productivity

In‑app real‑time communication empowers banking employees to consult with customers regardless of where they are located.

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Save time and costs with an embeddable ready solution

Q‑Consultation means you can add private communication features to your finance and banking software today instead of waiting months to build your own.

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Enjoy peace of mind that customer conversations remain private and secure

Q‑Consultation is built on an encrypted platform and can be hosted on‑premises in your own cloud infrastructure, safeguarding communication and customer data and making Q‑Consultation the best secure chat app for banking.

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Customize Q‑Consultation to create the customer experience you want

Modify the UI and UX to suit your specific use case and company brand, integrate our video calling and secure chat software into your company website or application, and host it on your preferred domain.

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Enhance customer satisfaction and retention

Create a positive user experience with direct and immediate communication and prevent customers from leaving your website and app for other services.

Key Features

Flexible Authentication System

Clients can be invited to a private video call through several methods including your company’s own website authentication, or via a separate Q‑Consultation webpage, button, or link.

Virtual Queue & Waiting Room

Manage resources effectively with queue management tools; assigning and reassigning clients to consultants and holding multiple clients in a virtual waiting room.

Secure Instant Messaging

Chat with clients before, during, and after a video call. You can also message other clients waiting in the virtual queue, while you are on a video call with someone else.

Secure Video Chat

Built on WebTRC technology, Q‑Consultation offers high quality, low latency audio and video calling.


Collect client data through automotive forms and note‑taking features. Any data collected can be accessed (via API), downloaded (in several formats) and transferred (to another software system).


Securely send and receive attachments of media rich files including PDFs, jpegs, photos, audio and video.

Video Recording

All video consultation can be recorded and saved so that you can be sure that important conversations are ever lost.


Make and track appointments with in‑built scheduler. Set‑up your individual work schedule, create client profiles, and send appointment invitation links.

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