What is QuickBlox?

QuickBlox brings superpowers to your mobile apps! Developers can very easily add our SDK to their apps to add a number of reusable functions to their apps; content (including video streaming), leadership boards or ratings, push messages, user modules (allowing users to sign in using social media) and more (including augmented reality!) can be simply added to your apps. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve also worked hard on our admin panel to make life as easy for you as possible.

How does it work?

It does so by providing a cloud-hosted infrastructure which takes care of all typical server side requirements of apps developer and publishers. The platform consists of APIs, easy to use SDK and code samples along with an admin panel to manage your content and your modules behaviour in your apps.

Why QuickBlox?

Making apps is fun, but building a server-side backend solution is not. You have to think of the API, architecture, stability, scalability, authentication and security. It eats time and costs to build and usually you would still have to go through many iterations of trial and error until you get the perfect API to power your app. Somebody has to maintain, monitor and optimise the cloud hosted infrastructure to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

So we decided to build and maintain a professional cloud-hosted platform which can be re-used in thousands of apps by thousands of developers and publishers all over the world, saving everyone time and money, and concentrating on what we love — building apps.

What features are provided?

QuickBlox is broken down into 6 modules (Content, Users, Location, Ratings, Messages, Chat). Each module provides you with APIs, assisting specific needs as reflected by the modules’ names – and you may use them as stand-alone modules if you wish. Read more about each module’s functionality on the Modules page. The modules however are merely building blocks – you may invent new features and user experiences by using a combination of them. Example: use Location + Chat + Users to allow users to see who is nearby and chat to their neighbours over Google Maps.

How much does it cost?

Check our Pricing page. It is FREE for developers and there is a great no blackblox dedicated proposition for enterprises.

What about security and stability of my data?

The connections are protected by our own secure connection protocol, a modification of OAuth, one of the finest authentication/encryption frameworks available nowadays. The system runs either at our cloud hosted AWS servers located in US or, in the case of enterprise customers, at your own AWS server. There is additional security in the case of the latter as you own your data and user base.

There is also a system of automated backups allowing us to restore your data within a few hours if something outstanding happens. You may also export your data to XML at any time through your backend panel. Find out more about security and authentication in QuickBlox from our Enterprise page.

Sound great. How do I start using it?

Register your account through the sign-up button at the top right and add at least one application. Go to the Developers page and follow the guide on SDK implementation for your desired platform.