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This is a complex sample of a Windows Phone 7 application using QuickBlox. The application uses the modules Location and Users. The sample shows you how to create a new user, verify his mail and log in. You can also edit editable fields and status field. By using the Map engine and services you can see other users on the map, their statuses and can open their info pages with private chat. You can use the common chat to talk too all registered users on the friend’s page. This sample covers many usual things about communication and geolocation.


Windows Phone Marketplace

QuickBlox WP7 SuperSample is available on Windows Phone Marketplace as a free application!


Start (login, register)

At the start, the user can see the first screen where you can register a new account or login. Registration is complete when email is confirmed by user but you can make this automated.


Panorama Page (me, my location, chat, my friends)

This is your main panel which allows you to use all features of services. You can change some of your current info (full name, phone number, web-site or status) in the “me” section. The next item called “my location” has a Small Map with your current location (like a little preview) along with a button to open the Full Map that contains many other features. If you would like to see how to create a chat-like system use the “chat” section. And the next thing is your list of friends (“me friends”) which shows registered users like you. By tapping on the chat message or friend box you open this user page.


Full Map (find me, my friends, my visited places, add new place)

On the Full Map page you can see your location (blue flag) or those of others (yellow flags). Under the name you can see the current status of user. If you tap on their flag you will see their user page with additional information and private chat. The Sample shows you how to set your visited places and check them on map. To use the core map you need to have a developer account for Market Place.

Current friend (info, chat)

You can open any registered user page by clicking a message in common chat or tapping on the item of a friend’s list or from the Map. This cause the page with additional info and private chat opens.

Friend details1.png

For Developers

Please read documentation about how to develop your own Windows Phone 7 application using QuickBlox.

We want to present our Simple Samples which can help you to use QuickBlox services in your aplications. Every sample is made of default WP7 app with 1 page. Right now you can get sample for User’s, Geo services and a sample whicj shows you how to use BackgroundMode of SDK.

In order to work with this Sample you need to download and install these additional toolkits from

Demo video

Future features

  • Avatars for users
  • Page with settings
  • Quiz based on Rating System


Download ZIP for stable version —

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Project homepage on GIT —

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Download ZIP for dev version —


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