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API and Dashboard changelog

Aug 12, 2016

  • API:
    • New
      • Added "WWW-Authenticate" header for responses with 401 and 407 statuses.
    • Fixed
      • Two different date formats are displayed if make requests "create custom class with date format field" and "create dialog with custom parameters"
      • Filter chat messages via API by "updated_at" field doesn't work.
      • Custom Objects: incorrect behaviour when upload file to not existent field.
  • Dashboard
    • New
      • Now you can track device OS version in statistics.
      • Ability to customise "Forgot password" email and page.
      • Ability to enable/disable custom templates for "Greetings", "Forgot Password", "SignUp" confirmation emails.
      • Ability to enable "SignUp" confirmation logic.
    • Fixed
      • Information link for GCM API Key on the "Push notifications" page is broken.
      • Custom Objects table size issue
      • User cannot set time seconds and time zone in custom object with field type "date" in Dashboard
      • Users.Settings. Empty email template can be sent
      • Custom Objects: export of Location fields doesn’t work
  • Other
    • New
      • New email notifications design
      • Send an email when APNS certificate is removed because of expiration date.
      • Implement "unsubscribe" email feature
      • Email account owner on API limits violation
    • Fixed
      • Incorrect form presented after getting mail confirmation link in the user registration.
      • User receives on email letter as newly created user after changing email in profile settings.

Jun 30, 2016

  • API:
    • Fixed
      • It wasn't possible to send a notification to email channel via API.
      • Custom Objects, date field: validation is incorrect if set a value via API.
  • Dashboard:
    • New
      • Ability to upgrade plan in Dashboard (see new page
      • Pop-up with main app selection - ability to choose one main application in admin panel, so all global users that are shared between all apps will be assigned only to single app.
    • Fixed
      • In some cases it wasn't possible to login via GitHub.
      • Custom Objects, location field: name of field was wrong.
      • Push Notifications, GCM: wrong delivery statistics.
      • User profile page is too slow in some cases.

May 23, 2016

  • API:
    • Fixed
      • Push Notifications hangs in 'processing' state
      • Push Notifications: more graceful logic of cleanup invalid push subscriptions data
  • Dashboard:
    • Fixed
      • Invalid Push Notifications delivery statistics

April 12, 2016

  • API:
    • New
      • API to reset user's password via SMS (available starting from "Advanced" plan).
    • Fixed
      • Possibility to filter chat messages by date_sent and _id fields together.
      • Facebook full name assignment when login via Facebook.
  • Dashboard:
    • New
      • Admin panel: added suggestions in Search field. Search field will suggest most appropriate variants in the search field (similar to drop-down list).
      • Admin panel: added Sender type column in the Push Notifications->Queue tab to display the kind of push notification: API, Dashboard, ChatAlert.

March 16, 2016

  • API:
    • New
      • Custom objects API. Ability to create class via API
      • Android pushes are sending now with high priority and delay_while_idle=true parameter.
      • New format of limits error: if account goes over limits when using HTTP based APIs, QuickBlox will start returning a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error.
      • New logic to work with email bounce.
      • Users API: reset password by phone number API
    • Fixed
      • Update chat dialog's last message field on force message remove
      • An issue where it wasn't possible to authenticate a user with non-English name via Facebook
      • An issue where a chat dialog's creator had an ability to edit dialog after remove.
      • Removed silent_ids field from 'GET dialogs' request output
      • Changed output format of location custom field to array-like format in chat dialog (see

January 22, 2016

  • Dashboard:
    • New
      • Two-factor authentication.
      • Custom objects module. Ability to export/import class structure.
      • Push Notifications: Now pushes from all sources (Dashboard, API) are listed in a queue table.
      • Push Notifications: Added created_at column into queue table.
      • Application settings. Allow/restrict to get users list/info settings.
      • Account settings: added 'Show endpoints' buttons for each platform

January 6, 2016

Real-time Chat API changelog

April 27, 2016

  • Fixed
    • An issue with the DEFAULT Privacy List when it was empty all the time.
    • When a user sends a message to blocked user - he doesn't receive an error, it resulted in a delivery "black hole".
    • An issue when use can receive messages from offline storage with the same and incorrect date_sent value.