How to generate API key and set it in QuickBlox admin panel

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Generate API key and set it in QuickBlox admin panel

1. Generate API key

Go to Google Developer Console following this path: Products & services -> API Manager -> Credentials

Generate api key step 1.png

Generate api key step 2.png

Generate api key step 3.png

Generate api key step 4 5.png

Copy generated API key Generate api key done.png

2. Enable Google Cloud Messaging for your app:

Enable gcm 1.png

Enable gcm 4.png

3. Set API key in QuickBlox admin panel
  • Go to QuickBlox admin panel
  • Select your app
  • Select "Push Notifications" item (1)
  • Select "Settings" tab (2)
  • Go to "Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API key" section
  • Paste copied API key to the input field (3)
  • Save API key (4). The same API key can be used for development and production enviroments

Set api key.png