How to change the "Forgot password" email template

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Every application needs a utility to reset passwords for an accounts. People forget passwords all the time! The Quickblox Users module already has this covered through a super simple API. However, our colourful Quickblox themed template will certainly not suit everyone - so we've made it pretty easy to change this template to whatever you please.


Step 1: Login to the dashboard

This one's pretty easy. Just head over the admin dashboard and punch in your login/email and password. Once you're in, click on the "Users" icon to access the Users module settings of your app.


Step 2: Head to email settings

Once you're on the Users page, click the "Settings" tab at the top. This will bring you to "Email notification settings". On the right hand side, familiarise yourself with the available tags - this can be used to add user specific information such as name, email or when they last made an API call. You can also add the name, URL or description of your application.

So, we're here to change the "Forgot password" template right? Right. Click the dropdown box at the bottom to change the template to edit. Select "Password reset page".


Step 3: Start creating your template

Now if you have you're familiar with HTML email, you'll know it's a tricky little thing. It's time to jump back to 1999 - websites are made with tables, inline styles and there's an element attribute for everything. EVERYTHING.

If you like, you can use our existing password reset template as a base, and just change the necessary details (like adding your app name etc). We've provided a link to this template on the email settings page - but here it is again.


Step 4: Save, preview, send

Now that you've written your awesome new template, you can save it, preview it in your browser, and send a test email to the email associated with your Quickblox account.


I clicked "Send test email" because I just don't know when to stop. Within a few seconds, I had this guy waiting in my inbox:


And that's all! You've configured your new template for password resets. As you saw in the dropdown box in step 2, you can also configure your greeting email for new account signups.