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Why Governments depend on QuickBlox for Communication Infrastructure

Hamza Mousa
29 Jan 2021
Governments can Securely depend on QuickBlox for communication Infrastructure

Governments around the world need communication infrastructure providers. They have employees working in different sectors and branches throughout their country who need to be connected together so that digital information sharing can be possible.

Although most governments have huge resources at their hands, most prefer to use a premade solution rather than developing their own. It is hugely costly and time-consuming to develop a full communication stack from scratch, let alone scale it to the size of the whole country. Some governments may not even have enough expertise to do this.

This is why governments are in need of a communication infrastructure provider like QuickBlox. But how can QuickBlox be used securely and why should it be trusted?

Sensitivity of Governments Communications

Government communication needs are not like those of any ordinary company or business When you represent a small or medium business, then it’s convenient to use services from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and others, regardless of their location or privacy terms they require you to agree with.

But this is not true in the case of governments. Government agencies process highly-confidential data continuously of both their citizens and their employees/workers, and hence need a subset of special requirements before agreeing on using any 3rd-party application or software in its infrastructure.

This is why governments generally refuse to hand over their communications data to 3rd-party companies to store them in remote servers outside the territory of that country. Governments are not guaranteed that the 3rd-party will not leak or see some of their most confidential communications. Governments have legitimate national security concerns that need to be safeguarded.

Moreover, governments may even need to access the software source code before deploying it on its machines, so that they can make sure no backdoors or malicious programs are inserted into the software they are going to use.

Ideally government agencies require an “on-premise” cloud plan which means software can be deployed wherever the customer wants including their own web servers, ensuring that the customer can be confident that their data is secure and cannot be accessed from outside.

Unfortunately, most communication providers today do not provide this service and only support public cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, etc). Hence governments are left in a tough situation when trying to find good communication providers suitable for their own needs.

This is where QuickBlox comes in.

Secure Communication Infrastructure for Governments with QuickBlox

Unlike other communication infrastructure providers in the market, QuickBlox supports on-premise setups. That is, QuickBlox can deploy a complete QuickBlox API server instance in whatever location the customer wishes. These instances work completely locally and independently from outside networks.

On-premise installation solves the problem of governments looking for “localized” communication infrastructure. QuickBlox developers set up instances within their own servers instead of depending on the official global QuickBlox API servers like the other customers.

This ensures that all connections established by the software are performed 100% locally inside the country’s officially-run servers, and thus, no data at all (not even a single bit) is transferred to the Internet or outside world, guaranteeing complete trust in the underlying software’s connections and data processing.

Interested users can also ask to access the source code of the API instance to make sure it enjoys the high-security standards that QuickBlox offers.

Moreover, QuickBlox provides white-label solutions for virtual rooms and messaging applications, named Q-Consultation and Q-Municate. Both come with their complete source code for the respective platforms (Web, iOS, and Android), which allows governments to have complete control over both the front-ends (clients) and back-ends (servers) of their communication infrastructure.

All of this comes with strong security by default:

  • Multiple layers of encryption are used for QuickBlox connections.
  • High-availability and HADR (Disaster Recovery) are supported.
  • Continuous updates and checking is always performed by the core DevOps team.
  • Non-stopping logs are generated from every action taken in the network, by every user.

HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

In addition to the features QuickBlox provides (high-quality audio/video, strong encryption, etc), QuickBlox products are fully GDPR-compliant by design, hence they can easily be used by any government or agency in any European Union country hassle-free.

For medical sectors in the US, QuickBlox also supports HIPAA regulations and can provide various configurations depending on the use cases and needs of the customers. This could be especially useful for hospitals, clinics, and other medical organizations that can only use HIPAA compliant software by law.

Thus, there would be no legal issues in using QuickBlox services in most countries of the world and all of this comes by default without any intervention or modifications from the customer’s side.

This is one of the main reasons why building on QuickBlox is worth it rather than going custom; The costs and time needed to develop a full communication stack from scratch which is also secure, HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant is too high even for capable governments.

Customized Development Needs

Customers get what they pay for in the standard plans from QuickBlox, but enterprise users and high-profile purchasers, like governments, can take advantage of many additional features.

Normally governments are required to hire their own talent to do the modifications they need for their use cases, which takes resources and time. Instead, they could depend on the QuickBlox development team to handle this for them, allowing governments to simply purchase and then proceed with deployment and usage.

The QuickBlox team is capable of continuously providing more add-ons and extra features for governments to their deployed on-premise instances.


Combining the features of on-premise setup, GDPR & HIPAA compliance, along with excellent security and development features, make QuickBlox one of the best and most suitable solutions in the market for government communication infrastructure.

QuickBlox is a global company, registered in the UK, but with personnel in the United States, UK, Europe, and India, providing communication service to tens of high-profile business enterprises and local government agencies.

If you represent a government agency, then please reach out to QuickBlox to find out more.

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