VoIP Push Notifications

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Recently QuickBlox launched a brand new feature – VoIP Push Notifications.

This is kind of fresh iOS feature – VoIP pushes provide the functionality that VoIP apps need to perform on-demand processing of the push before displaying a notification to the user. Now QuickBlox provides the classes for your iOS apps to receive VoIP pushes from server.

Here is great Apple guide about Voice Over IP (VoIP) Best Practices, what is the best way to use VoIP Push Notifications. One of the main use case – use VoIP Push Notifications to Avoid Persistent Connections.

In order to use VoIP pushes you have to connect iOS PushKit framework.


From QuickBlox platform point of view we have the following updates/docs:

Updated REST API documentation
Now you can subscribe to VoIP pushes via Push Notification REST API by passing notification_channel=apns_voip in ‘Create Subscription’ request.
Also, you can initiate a VoIP push via Push Notifications REST API by passing event[push_type]=apns_voip in ‘Create Event’ request.

Updated iOS SDK documentation

New section on Adding support for VoIP push notifications has been added.  It contains all needed info how to start use VoIP pushes in your iOS app.

Updated Android/Web SDKs documentation

You can also initiate a VoIP push from Android and Web platforms. Guides how to do it are also ready for Android and Web platforms.

Universal push notifications

As you know QuickBlox provides 2 type of push notifications you can send:

  • Platform based push notification – will be delivered to specified platform only, for example, iOS or Android only (iOS VoIP only as well).
  • Universal push notifications – will be delivered to all possible devices/platforms for specified users.

You can initiate universal VoIP push as well. In this case, the push will be delivered as VoIP push to iOS device and as regular push to other devices .We have prepared all needed guides for you:

If you need some help with integration – let us know via public support channels (iOS GitHub SDK page, JS GitHub SDK page,  Android GitHub SDK page)