Google Campus “Startup Storm” talk from QuickBlox

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Following on the success of the Startup Storm series, Genius Incubator hosted “Startup Storm” on 16th January at Google Campus – a unique networking event for innovative technology startups. This time the guest speaker was Taras Filatov, the founder/CEO of QuickBlox.

He talked about the company’s success, finances, products and growth plans and answered the questions from other start up founders.  In addition to serving its developer community QuickBlox plans to focus on enterprise business. He stated that QuickBlox’s mBaas & as a communication services modules has a huge potential to deliver customised cost effective solutions to the unified communications market. Quickblox is already well established with the developer community with millions of API calls and end users. QuickBlox offers a variety of communications solutions for developers and enterprises that will save time and money and will help to make successful any app.IMAG0537-1 (dragged)

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The atmosphere was quite informal and we had a time to socialise and listen to fresh mind ideas. Stay with us and we’ll keep you updated about the latest news and events from QuickBlox.