Survey: what open-source license?

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

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We’ve recently had a lot of inquiries regarding license types of QuickBlox SDK code samples as well as of Q-municate messenger codebase.


Your projects need a solid foundation with no legal or licensing issues. We totally understand that and that’s why we’re happy to release all our code samples as well as Q-municate messenger under OPEN SOURCE license.


Open Source Initiative also contacted us to clarify the license status of Q-municate project so we’re going to get rid of our custom license wording there and introduce one of the standard open-source licenses (GPL, BSD or Apache 2.0).


Now, we need your opinion on what license to choose for free distribution.


This is important as, for example, if we release under GPL, then you’ll have to make your modified copies open source too. If we release under BSD or Apache then it’s fine for you to close-source but then others do the same and you don’t benefit from community contributions that way.


It only takes 2 minutes and you can now impact our decision and get new versions of QuickBlox code samples and Q-municate released under the license of your choice.


Please fill in your answers here:


Thank you so much for your feedback!

a useful read on license types:

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