REST API, Chat API and dashboard updates

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

After the release of Chat 2.0 API we had a time to collect your feedback on this and now QuickBlox team releases some cool REST API and dashboard updates based on your feedback.

Let’s see what we have:

  • Force dialog deletion. Now an owner can completely delete a chat dialog he created.
  • Force message deletion. Now an owner can completely delete a chat message he created.
  • Better management of delivered/read status:
    • Chat message model now has read_ids and delivered_ids fields so you can easily track who received and read a message you sent.
    • Now you don’t need to call a REST API method to mark messages as delivered or read. Now you can just call an appropriate Chat/XMPP method and Chat backend will do other job by itself!
  • GET /Messages API now provides an optional mark_as_read parameter to not to mark retrieved messages as read.
  • Ability to delete multiple dialogs in a single query.
  • API to retrieve unread messages count

And we also have one cool feature on Dashboard called History actions. Now you can track all actions you do in the QuickBlox admin panel. This is to protect you from accidental actions. You can find this log on page.

Have a fun with new features!