Released Permissions API (ACL) & iOS SDK 1.7

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi guys, we are excited to announce  feature released in QuickBlox which is Permission API (ACL).

An access control list  is a list of  permissions attached to an record in Custom Objects module. This list specifies which users are granted access to records, as well as what operations are allowed on given objects (READ,CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE). Each entry in a typical Permissions specifies a subject and an operation. For instance, if a record has a permission that contains ("Garry,Bob,Igor,Taras", EDIT), this would give users “Garry,Bob,Igor,Taras” permission to edit this record.

There are two levels of access which QuickBlox is provided in such Permissions scheme: Class and Record.

Here is how Class permissions look like:


Here is how Record permissions look like:

Great REST API already available on Developers section

iOS SDK 1.7

We also released new version of iOS SDK – 1.7 – with Permissions API and lots of new other beautiful features.
Here is a list:

  • Custom Objects:
    • Permissions API
    • Added method [QBCustomObjects objectsWithClassName: IDs:] to retrieve records by ids
  • Content:
    • Improved file upload query in case with 3G connection
  • Chat:
    • Removed deprecated methods createRoomWithName: andcreatePrivateRoomWithName: from QBChat class
    • Added ability to join room with custom nickname: [[QBChat instance] createOrJoinRoomWithName:testRoomName nickname:@”GarryGilbert” membersOnly:NO persistent:NO];
    • Updated QBChatRoomOccupant class: replaced NSUInteger userID field with NSString *nickname
    • Added method to send presense with all it’s parameters [[QBChat instance] sendPresenceWithStatus:@”PC” show:QBPresenseShowDND priority:0 customParameters:@{@”job”: @”manager”, @”age”: @”25″} toRoom:testRoom];
  • Users:
    • added method [QBUsers usersWithTwitterIDs:] to retrieve users with twitter ids
    • added method [QBUsers usersWithFacebookIDs:] to retrieve users with facebook ids

Please download updated SDK in QuickBlox iOS developers section

iOS Permissions API guide also is available.

Next week we are going to release updated Android SDK with Permission API & updated Chat API, stay tuned!