Quickblox WebRTC SDK released

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Today, our super talented Andrey Povelichenko finalised Quickblox’s official Javascript WebRTC SDK. You can now add high quality video and audio calling, using the native WebRTC API, to any webapp, using the same familiar Quickblox Javascript SDK.

What this means is that any user with a webcam or microphone (basically everyone) and a modern browser can initiate a video or audio call with a few clicks – no downloads, no plugins, and no flash! And it’s as simple as QB.webrtc.call . If you’re unfamiliar with WebRTC, you should check out the Google I/O presentation – it’s a very cool technology with a lot of potential. If you are familiar however, you’ll know that a bunch of servers and a pile of filler code is required to get something decent working. Well, as a communication as a service provider, Quickblox already has you covered.

Our WebRTC SDK fits right in with the Javascript SDK – so there’s no new syntax to learn. There are a few buzzwords such as “getUserMedia”, and you’re going to become pretty good friends with the HTML5 <video> element – but after that, the learning curve is small.

You can check out the full WebRTC SDK documentation here, and we invite you to create something awesome!

For any support queries, please create a ticket in our helpdesk.