QuickBlox supports intellectual games

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

An indie developer GanaLila has just released  C.U.B.I.P.L.E.X– 3D word game powered by QuickBlox!

C.U.B.I. (Cool Unit of Bot Intelligence) is a next generation AI machine that loves to Play, Learn, Enjoy and eXplore! CUBI learns through games played on its internal simulation engine.

CUBI wants to communicate and starts by learning words. The current game mode involves the player teaching CUBI words using a 3D word search game.


Untitled3434534CUBI generates its own “alpha-cubes” that have letters on all six faces. All letters have the same score initially to avoid any bias in usage. Each face is color coded and etched with a score multiplier for the letter on the face. Word score multipliers are awarded when 3 or more adjacent letters have the same color code. Longer color patterns are awarded higher multipliers. Cubes can be rotated to access letters on other faces. Words must contain 3 or more letters.

* 3D cubes give players plenty of exploration room to find words of their choice. The longer the word, the higher the letter score.

* Players can test their spatial memory skills by quickly registering letter/color/weight combinations on the cubes to maximize their scores.

* Players are free to form as many words as they want and are not limited to a predetermined list!

Example Features

* 10 badges with 5 star rating levels, and 25 milestone challenges. *  Bonus mini-game “Dice Dance” to get free in-game currency (Qubits). *  Simple gestures combined with minimalist aesthetics for a smooth visual experience.

Price & Availability

C.U.B.I.P.L.E.X. 1.0 is free and available worldwide on the App Store for iOS 7.0+ devices.

We wish them best of luck!