QuickBlox Server Updates

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

The QuickBlox Team always tries to make users experience easy and pleasant, so we made several cool updates in Admin panel, Messages and Users modules!

Now  the admin panel has:

  • Ability to upload your own app logo (by now it is displayed on “Forgot password” page only)
  • AppStore link field added to Application
  • Extended list of Application types (new types were added)
  • New user email notification system management

Messages include the following updates:

  • Email notification channel now supports HTML-tags
  • GCM push notification channel improvements (stability, errors handling, detailed event logs)


  • API – filter methods now work in scope of current application (instead of account scope)


  • API & Admin panel improvements

You can test new features right now! For any questions contact our Assistance Team.