QuickBlox releases WebRTC group video calling for Web along with Javascript SDK 2.0

Posted on by Igor Khomenko

Thanks everybody for your interest in the QuickBlox Video Chat SDK.

We’re happy to announce our next generation of Javascript SDK with WebRTC group video calling!

Now you can connect multiple users in a video chat in your Web applications.



The video service offered via the QuickBlox SDKs is built on top of the modern Web technology  – WebRTC. It’s mission is to enable rich, high-quality RTC applications to be developed for the browser and mobile platforms.

Updated Web Video chat code sample is available in QuickBlox Web developers section. Check it out!

We also have a live demo – https://quickblox.github.io/quickblox-javascript-sdk/samples/webrtc

The team also rewrote and completely cleanup the video chat documentation page so now it should be clearer for you to start with integration.

Connect Javascript SDK 2.0

To summarise, now you can use the Group Video calling feature across ALL platforms:

Now it’s time for hacking!