Live API status / chat server health checker (also Node.js code sample for QuickBlox)

Posted on by Taras Filatov

So Alex has just finished the 2nd version of this super cool tool which we call live status page or status checker:

node js chat server api status checker

This can be used for external monitoring of QuickBlox server or your own QuickBlox instance in case you have an enterprise dedicated server of QuickBlox running.

It supports:

  • Online / offline API check
  • API response latency check
  • All modules and all main API calls supported (Users, Chat, Location, Content, Custom Objects, Messages)
  • Historical data – last 24h diagram
  • Historical data – any date – click top right to open calendar
  • Easy to add new checkers for multiple instances – simply add to config file

Also this is a great code sample for those who want to use QuickBlox on Node.JS.

Source code available on GitHub:

Live demo: