Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 & components have been released!

Posted on by Anton Dyachenko

We are happy to announce release of Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 and components. A lot of changes and fixes come with this release, please refer to changelog:

Quickblox.framework 2.17


  • Added lastMessageID property for the QBChatDialog model.
  • Added – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:completion:] and – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:resource:completion:] methods for connecting to the chat.


  • [QBChat connectWithUser:completion:] and -[QBChat connectWithUser:resource:completion:] – methods for connecting to the chat with QBUUser.


  • Deprecated login method using Twitter Digits : +[QBRequest logInWithTwitterDigitsAuthHeaders:successBlock:errorBlock].
  • Deprecated property twitterDigitsID of the  QBUUser model and QBUpdateUserParameters class.
  • Removed unused -chatDidNotSetActivePrivacyListWithName: method of the QBChatDelegateprotocol.
  • Removed unused methods + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelFromString:] and + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelToString:].
  • BBPS (Blackberry pushes).
  • Deprecated property isTokenValid of the QBSession class.
  • Deprecated property data of the  QBChatAttachment model.
  • Deprecated content module methods:  + [QBRequest blobsWithSuccessBlock:], + [QBRequest taggedBlobsWithSuccessBlock:] and + [QBRequest taggedBlobsForPage:successBlock:errorBlock:].


  • GitHub issue: The method of QBRequest  +updateCurrentUser:sucessBlock:errorBlock returns nil for the field tags of the updated user. Thanks to RubenBenBen.


QMServices v 0.6.2


  • Added support for  use_frameworks! for development podspec.
  • Implemented isEmpty method of QMMemoryStorage protocol for all dependencies.


  • Removed deprecated login method through Twitter Digits


  • GitHub issue: _CDAttachment duplicated class, which conflicts with system library. Thanks to Serproger.
  • GitHub issue: – [QMAttachmentStoreService method cachedImageForAttachment:] always returns nil. Thanks to haarj.
  • Warnings: Block implicitly retains ‘self’; explicitly mention ‘self’ to indicate this is intended behavior [-Wimplicit-retain-self].
  • Renamed – [QMChatCache deleteMessageWithDialogID:] with – [QMChatCache deleteMessagesWithDialogID:].


QMChatViewController 0.6.6

  • Fixed all warnings
  • Removed deprecated methods of the QMInputToolbarDelegate