QuickBlox compatible chat bot (in Python)

Posted on by Taras Filatov

Why would anyone need a chat bot?


Well, you may need a chat bot for:

  1. Testing (or if you feel lonely and need someone to chat with :) )
  2. Moderation
  3. Simulated / virtual presence, for example when chat is being used for customer support, so that system can greet and ask questions before live operator joins
  4. Entertainment, such as trivia, quiz etc chat games as seen in IRC chats
  5. Processing instructions from chat to control 3rd party software and devices for example control IoT / smart home appliances via chat instructions

So at QuickBlox we decided to release a simple chat bot in Python based on SleekXMPP so you can do all the above or anything else you might think of.

The Chat Bot is currently tested to work well with the Q-municate project and should also work well with any QuickBlox code samples and projects however you might need to play with credentials / stanzas in some cases but feel free to ask questions.

Use this link to access GitHub repo: QuickBlox compatible XMPP chat bot.