QMChatViewController – an elegant ready to go chat view controller for iOS applications

Posted on by Igor Khomenko

To speed up apps development we are happy to release today an elegant ready-to-go chat view controller for iOS chat applications that use Quickblox communication backend.

This is for all of QuickBlox developers to save their time and don’t repeat every time the same things!


  • Ready-to-go chat view controller with a set of cells.
  • Automatic cell size calculation.
  • UI customisation for chat cells.
  • Flexibility in improving and extending functionality.
  • Easy to connect with Quickblox.
  • Optimised and performant.
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Auto Layout inside.

It’s available on GitHub:


We also integrated it to our Chat samples, Objective-C and Swift:

We are eager to see your feedback about it – please create a ticket on GitHub or ask a ‘quickblox’ tagged question on StackOverflow.

Happy coding with QuickBlox!