Push Notifications backend / API that covers all platforms

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Guess which is the only BaaS (Backend as a Service) that covers ALL platforms for push notifications?


Even Urban Airship (who are focused on push notifications as their core service) only support 3 platforms: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

At QuickBlox we are proud to support ALL popular platforms:

  • iOS (APPNS)
  • Android (C2DM and GCM)
  • BlackBerry (BB Push Service)
  • Windows Phone (WP Push Notifications)
  • HTML (pull alerts channel for web apps including HTML5 and Facebook)

We also throw in E-mails and Requests as channels. What this means is using QuickBlox Messages API (which leverages the power of the AWS and Amazon SQS) your app can send e-mails and REST calls to other apps or APIs – this is useful when you need to send a lot of them!

Obviously all push notifications are available through API, SDKs and code samples but it is also easy for your or your clients to log in to admin panel and send a push – easily:

Advanced mode is available for those who want to specify additional parameters (such as badge counter, sounds etc for Apple Push Notifications), specify Subscribers so that only specific categories of users receive it or define delivery time (delayed, repetitive and expiry date). In Advanced mode Queue management is also available.

So QuickBlox supports 7 channels for Push Notifications! We also take care of all SDK/API updates etc so you don’t have to worry about Apple or Google deprecating old versions was recently the case with C2DM -> GCM Please do contact us if you want to add push notifications to your app and our developers specialising in your platform (be it iOS, or BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone, HTML or desktop) will be happy to help you with SDK and code samples to make it really easy for you.