Nate Macleitch

Active development

Posted by Nate Macleitch on January 9, 2010

Hi Happy New Year to everyone!

Just so that you all know, we are all in development of new version of What is coming, in short:

  • New modules — PushNotes is already there, OAuth Contracter is in beta testing and GeoPos is soon to be launched for beta!
  • An improved SDK for client side — there is going to be a single library for all services + additional libraries for each module. New architecture is easier to understand and quick to use.
  • Improved support and manuals — our Google group is already running, along with Customer satisfaction site, also we are actively supporting users over e-mail currently. After new versions are rolled out, we will post the code samples, videos and API descriptions for each module to ensure you have everything to start the work and employ our services quickly.

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Nate Macleitch beta version launched: online high scores module is live, iPhone sample provided!

Posted by Nate Macleitch on November 26, 2009

Hi so we have launched the for beta testing so if you’re developer looking to improve your iPhone game with online high scores feature then you’re more than welcome to start using our service.

Join our developers team or just use the service at your convenience. It is free and will remain so.

There might be still some glitches as it is still a beta version but we are using it for our clients for months already and it works great, so let’s make it an openly available service!

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