Taras Filatov

Happy New Year!!!

Posted by Taras Filatov on January 1, 2012

Dear clients and friends of QuickBlox! From the whole team at QuickBlox we wish you a Happy New Year, and to enter 2012 with fresh new energy to create amazing things.

2011 has been a very interesting year for Injoit as we have grown significantly, we have had a number of professional and great people joining our Kharkov and London teams and also as distant workers. Sometimes people leave bigger companies and join us for lower initial salary – they love the climate in our company and the projects we work on – that is also thanks to you and your great attitude to us for which we cannot thank you enough.

A huge achievement of 2011 is the QuickBlox platform – thanks to your work with us we have studied the typical requirements for server-side/cloud support of mobile apps and have created a platform which allows to achieve your goals faster and build more advanced, socially integrated and engaging applications. We are looking forward to bring its power into your projects in 2012. A number of our customers already benefit from this platform, in many cases they not only benefit from functionality and reliability of the cloud infrastructure, but also some of our customers earn from it, reselling it as SaaS subscription to their clients. We are happy to see that and will be doing everything to support you in that. We have done the technical bit but rely on your creative implementations and hope you keep considering the platform for all your new projects.

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Taras Filatov

Windows 7 Super Sample

Posted by Taras Filatov on December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We have a great present to all the Windows Phone developers! A Windows 7 Super Sample!

This is a complex sample using the modules Location and Users. The sample shows you how to create a new user, verify his mail and log in. By using the Map engine and services you can see other users on the map, their statuses and can open their info pages with private chat. You can use chat to talk too all registered users on the friend’s page.

This sample covers many usual things about communication and geolocation. And is available to download on the Windows Marketplace for free!