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API Documentation

Posted by Taras Filatov on January 27, 2012

Our team has done a great job over the last few weeks to bring together all the features and functions of QuickBlox together and in one place, the QuickBlox Wiki.

Here you can find all you need to know about registering to QuickBlox, integrating your app with QuickBlox and how to add the SuperSamples to your apps.

Each module has an API description showing you how to add the QuickBlox functions. You may have been thinking about adding video streaming or maps, just read the content or location module to find out how. Or you are struggling to integrate Facebook into your app, the Users API will guide you.

The APIs are structured to flow simply step by step making it as simple as possible for you. If there are any issues are support team are always available to help you with any queries.

If you have been struggling to integrate with QuickBlox, we have made a 5 min video to guide you through the first few steps and how to add the iOS SuperSample. You can also read how to here.

Taras Filatov

Migrating from SimpleGEO to QuickBlox Location

Posted by Taras Filatov on January 19, 2012

As you may know, Urban Airship is deprecating SimpleGEO as a stand-alone service.

Parse have launched an import tool that allows developers to import their SimpleGEO data into Parse.

We are also happy to welcome SimpleGEO users to QuickBlox to try out our Location module. The API and admin panel of the Location module allow you to store and manage POIs and users within your app, along with a number of other geolocation features.

The module works with both GoogleMaps and Bing – the strengths of the module are illustrated by our SuperSamples which are a mashup of Location and Chat. You can download the MapChat sample code for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to see how it works. This sample makes it easier for you to understand how to integrate great functions into your apps through a real case example.

Map+Chat concept
I’ll use this opportunity to tell you a bit more about our Map+Chat concept – read more about it below.

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Taras Filatov

QuickBlox at Winter Hackathon

Posted by Taras Filatov on January 10, 2012

We are proud to announce our sponsorship at the WinterHackathon in London.

“Apps for the games” is the focus of the 2012 Winter Hackathon.

More than a million people – athletes, media personnel, sports administrators, spectators – will visit London in July/August 2012 for the summer games.

We can assume two things about them: most will want to engage with the city outside of the games, and almost all will have a mobile phone.

We’re devoting our Winter Hackathon in late January 2012 to the creation of mobile apps for these visitors – from event and location finders to shopping and leisure services – to help them to explore and enjoy the delights of the city and surrounding counties.

We are offering the use of our platform during the event and before hand. We are giving a prize to the winner of the Travel Planner category. The prize is a years worth of QuickBlox at the £50 level.

Also our Chairman Nate Macleitch will be dissecting and playing with the apps as a member of the judging panel. Other sponsors include BlackBerry, Vodafone and BT.

Click here for more information about the Hackathon.